24 January 2011

Register Land / Property What is Land/Property Registration and Why is it Necessary?

What is Land/Property Registration and Why is it Necessary?

Land or Property Registration refers to the registration to document changes in ownership and transactions involving immovable property. Whenever you buy a piece of land/immovable property, you need to register the same with the authority concerned, so that a legal ownership title is guaranteed to you. This greatly reduces risk of fraud and helps solve disputes easily, in addition to creating and maintaining an up-to-date public record.

What You Need to Do to Register Land/Property

Under the computerised Land and Property Registration system, registration is easy. It facilitates transparency in valuation and eliminates middlemen. Some states require an application to be submitted to the concerned authority, which may be the Sub-Registrar or the SDM of your area. The application form can either be downloaded online or obtained from the concerned authority's office. After due verification of details, the Deed is drawn up and the registration process is complete.

Register Land / Property: Haryana

As a part of the computerisation process for Land Records, the Government of Haryana has implemented the HARIS software in all Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils. The buyers and sellers have to visit the HARIS centre and obtain necessary information about stamp duty. Due verification is done regarding proof of property and the concerned deed is written, followed by an online photo session at the HARIS window. This is followed by the concerned data entry of records in the system which are then printed and signed by the Sub-Registrar. After payment of the prescribed fee, the process of registration is completed.
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