25 February 2011

Speech of Mamata Banerjee introducing the Railway Budget 2011-12 25th February 2011

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1.      Madam Speaker, I rise to present before this august House the Revised
Estimates for 2010-11 and the estimated receipts and expenditure for 2011-12.
I deem it an honour to present the third Railway Budget under the kind guidance
of   the   hon'ble   Prime   Minister.   I   profusely   thank   the   Finance   Minster   for   his
continued support and encouragement to the railways.

2.      As the hon’ble members are aware, the wheels of the railways continue to
move 24 hours, all 365 days. Railway’s services are comparable to emergency
services,   required   all   the   time.   I   am   proud   of   the   14   lakh   members   of   my
railway family, who toil day and night with unparalleled dedication. I am also
grateful   to   all   passengers   without   whose   cooperation   and   consideration,   we
could not have run this vast system.          I have also received unstinted support from
our two recognised federations and staff and officers’ associations.

3.      Madam,       rail  transportation     is  vitally   interlinked    with   the   economic
development of the country. With the economy slated to grow at a rate of 8-9%,
it is imperative that the railways grow at an even faster pace. I see the railways
as an artery of this pulsating nation. Our lines touch the lives of humble people
in tiny villages, as they touch the lives of those in the bustling metropolises.

4.      We   are   taking   a   two-pronged   approach,   scripted   on   the   one   hand,   by   a
sustainable, efficient and rapidly growing Indian Railways, and on the other, by
an    acute   sense   of  social   responsibility    towards    the  common       people   of  this
nation. In this budget, we have attempted to combine a strong economic focus
with an equal emphasis on social inclusion with a human face.

5.      Madam,   while   railways   deliver   on   their   promises,   they   are   not   good   at
publicity. This House and the nation do not come to know of our achievements
or what we are doing.

                  Hum Aah Bhee Karte Hain Toh Ho Jaate Hain Badnaam
                      Woh Katl Bhee Karte Hain Toh Charcha Nahi Hota

6.      We   need   a   large   heart   and   a   large  mind   to   undertake   big   works. With
every   big   work,   our   stature   grows   and   our   mind   opens   out   to   a   larger   vision.
During   this   year,   we   have   met   industry   leaders,   Chambers   of   Commerce   and


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Industry     to  encourage      investment     in the    specified    areas   of   infrastructure,
rolling-stock or service provision. Railways will provide economic share to our
partners   for   such   endeavours.   With   this   objective,   railways   have   developed
several     business-oriented      policies   for the    first  time.  Some     of  these   policy
initiatives are:-

    i.    Railways’ Infrastructure for Industry Initiative (R3i)
    ii.   Private Freight Terminal (PFT)
    iii.  Special Freight Train Operators (SFTO)
    iv.   Automobile Freight Train Operators (AFTO)
    v.    Automobile and Ancillary Hubs
    vi.   Kisan Vision (Cold Chains)
    vii.  New Catering Policy
    viii. Rail Connectivity to Coal and Iron ore mines (R2CI)

7.      The response to the policies has been encouraging and 85 proposals have
already     been   received.     We     have  set    up  a  Single    Window      System     under
Secretary, Railway Board to take these forward.

8.      As   the   hon’ble   members   would   agree,   expansion   of   rail   infrastructure
requires   meticulous   planning.   Rising   demand   for   coaches,   locos   and   wagons
cannot     be  met   immediately      because     their  manufacture      requires   components
whose production has to be planned well in advance. Even some key material
and components for rolling stock are not readily available in the country and we
often have to depend on imports.           As a result, supply of rolling stock has been
falling short of our requirements. Even now it is not available according to our
requirement.   To   meet   the   demand   of  passengers   for   more   coaches,   MEMUs,
DEMUs etc., we have decided to set up rail-based industries.

9.      I appreciate that the demands of every hon’ble member and citizens are
genuine.   It   is   their   right   and   I   fully   understand.   I   would   like   to   help   them   as
much as I could but for constraints of coaches, locomotives and line capacity.
Thus   it   is   difficult   to   meet   every   individual   demand. We   have   tried   to   meet
some of the demands collectively within the limited resources. I would like to
assure the House if we are positive, if we go according to Vision 2020, we can
meet   the   demand   within   a   short   period.   I   believe   in   positive   approach   and
action. As Swami Vivekananda said :
                         Strength is life and weakness is death.


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 10.    Madam,   in   the   last   two   budgets,   to   meet   the   growing   demand   and   to
create   employment   opportunities   for   the   unemployed   youth,   I   had   announced
setting up of a large number of rail-based factories/manufacturing projects.
Work      on    all   these   projects     are   at  different     stages    of   progress     and
implementation.      The works at New Jalpaiguri, Adra, Jellingham and Kulti have
been taken up in collaboration with different PSUs. I thank SAIL, NTPC and
RINL for their cooperation and support. Other PSUs are also welcome to come
forward for such joint ventures.

 11.    Madam, I am happy to report that work on the new coach factory at Rae
Bareli is progressing rapidly now. The first coach is expected to be turned out
from the new plant within the next three months.

 12.    Railways have also been working on a number of projects involving long-
term supply contracts for locomotives, coaches and critical loco components at
Madhepura, Marhowra, Kanchrapara and Dankuni.                    Since these project models
are being attempted for the first time in the railways, it is necessary to carry out
due diligence.     All these projects are progressing and a Core Group of officers is
working on these PPP/JV industries to take them forward.

 13.    Railways   are   already   executing   works   either   departmentally   or   through
PPP/JV   at   Budge   Budge,   Dankuni,   Naopara,   Anara,   Tindharia,   New   Cooch
Behar, Kharagpur, Haldia, Guwahati and Kazipet. Work on the wagon factory
in Orissa will also be taken up once the site is finalized.

 14.    Work on ICF, Perambur’s second unit will start soon. We have decided
that   whatever   problems  are   there   will   be   sorted   out   and   we   will   set   up   the
Palakkad   coach   factory.   Railways   are   interested   to   partner   with   Autocast   and
SILK at Cherthala, for which business plan is being revised to bring it in line
with the current needs of the railways.

 15.    Madam, I am happy to inform that Burn Standard Company Limited and
Braithwaite      Company      Limited     have   been   brought     under   the   administrative
control of Ministry of Railways this year.

 16.    Madam,      to  further   expand    rail-based    industries,   I  would    now   like   to
mention some new initiatives.

 17.    The    prestigious     Jammu-Kashmir         Rail   Link   project   involves     a  large
number of bridges.       I propose to dedicate an industry for our brothers and sisters


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of   J&K,   who   are   close   to   our   heart.  Therefore,   railways   will   set   up   a  Bridge
Factory   in   J&K,   which   is   our   heaven   on   earth.      This   industry   will   help   in
developing ancillary industries leading to employment generation in the area. I
also    propose    to  set  up   a  state-of-the-art   Institute     for  Tunnel     and    Bridge
Engineering at Jammu.

18.     As per my announcement to set up a coach factory at Singur, land has not
been   made   available   by   the   state   government.   However,   several   landowners
have volunteered to sell their land directly to the railways. In order to fulfill this
commitment, I propose to set up a metro coach factory on the land purchased
from willing sellers at Singur/adjacent Polba.

19.     Northeast   is   our   priority   area   and  receives   government’s   full   support.
Imphal, the capital of Manipur will soon be connected to the railway network.                      I
have planned in advance.           Therefore, I propose to set up a  diesel locomotive
centre in Manipur.

20.     Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) is the professional IT
arm of Indian Railways.         It is a nursery for development of software specialists
in   the   country.   I  propose   to   open   a   Centre   of   Excellence   in   software   at
Darjeeling under the aegis of CRIS.

21.     I propose to set up two more wagon units under JV/PPP mode, one each
at Kolar and Alappuzha, Kerala, and one more at Buniadpur.

22.     A   large   number   of   small   and   medium   size   track   machines   have   been
developed indigenously and are also being manufactured in India. I propose to
pursue      a  joint   venture     between      railways    and   a    partner      to  set   up   a
manufacturing          industry     for  the   indigenous     production     of  large   on-track
machines  at  Uluberia.   I   also   propose   to   set   up   a   new   track   machine   POH
facility at the same place.

23.     Madam, I am happy to announce setting up of a “Rail Industrial Park”
at   Jellingham.   This   Park   will   be   a   cluster   of  diverse   industrial   units   whose
output will be consumed by the railways. The Park will initially focus on high
volume   safety   and   vital   components.   With   this,   we   shall   make   a   beginning
towards     creating    a  global   hub   in  India   for   the  railway    industry.   A   unit  to
manufacture car steel bogies and couplers through a joint venture between Burn
Standard   Co.   Ltd.   and   SAIL   has   already   been   initiated   in   this   Park.   I   also
propose to set up a Rail Industrial Park at New Bongaigaon.


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24.     The electrical energy requirement of railways is growing rapidly with the
expansion of the rail infrastructure and traffic.         A captive thermal power plant of
1,000   MW   at   Nabinagar   is   at   an   advance   stage   of   construction.     A   second
thermal power plant of 1,320 MW capacity at Adra is in the process of being set
up. Depending upon the fuel being made available at economic cost, I propose
to set up a 700 MW gas-based power plant at Thakurli in Maharashtra.

25.     I propose to set up more mechanized laundries for improving the quality
of linen in trains at Nagpur, Chandigarh and Bhopal, in addition to Wadibunder,
Tikiyapara, Kamakhya, Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Indore, Lucknow, Banaras,
Samastipur,      Sealdah,     Tatanagar,    Danapur,     Bikaner,     Bilaspur,    Durg,    Hatia,
Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where they are commissioned or are being
set   up.    Proposals     for   laundries   at  Vishakhapatnam,         Bhubaneshwar,       Puri,
Gwalior,     Manduadih,       Gorakhpur,     Lucknow,      New    Jalpaiguri,   Jammu,     Delhi,
Jaipur,   Jodhpur,   Tirupati,   Ernakulam,  Thiruvananthapuram,   Hubli,   Bengaluru,
Yashwantpur,        Jabalpur,   Allahabad,     Mau,    Amethi     and   Kota    are  also   under

26.     Madam,       after  having    discussed     the  policy    initiatives   and   rail-based
industries, I would now come to expansion of rail infrastructure.

27.     For   the   first   time   ever,   railways   have   framed   Vision   2020,   providing   a
definite roadmap, both short-term and long-term, for the future.                  We intend to
go forward to achieve our goals with careful planning.

28.     Madam       Speaker,    we   had   added    only   10,677    km   of   new   lines   since
independence. I had announced an ambitious target of 1,000 km of new lines in
2010-11.   This   is   in   contrast   to   average   addition   of   180   km   annually.   In   the
current year, we may do over 700 km, falling short of the target.               But this would
be almost double of the highest ever performance in any single year. Unless we
set   our   targets   high,  we   cannot   realize   the   goals   of   Vision   2020.   The   hon’ble
members will be happy to know that railways will be achieving its target of 800
km for gauge conversion, 700 km for doubling and 1,000 km of electrification.

29.     Railways’ efforts to provide dignity to the poor through the Izzat scheme
in 2009-10 have benefitted over four lakh disadvantaged citizens. They are now
able   to   travel   to   their   workplaces   with   their   heads   held   high.   Poverty   drives
many people to live dangerously near railway tracks and often risk their lives.


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Many   perish   every   year.   Their   lives   are  very   important   to   us.   These   dwellers
also affect smooth movement of trains.               That is why we have decided to give
them small shelter through  Sukhi Griha Scheme. This scheme is being taken
up on pilot basis to provide  10,000 dwelling units at Mumbai, Sealdah, Siliguri,
Tiruchirapalli and other places. This is our humble effort to help these dwellers.

Annual Plan 2011-12
30.     Madam,   the   Annual   Plan   for   the   year   2011-12   has   been   proposed   at
`57,630   cr   which   is   the   highest   ever   plan   investment   by   the   railways  in   a
single   year.   The   Plan   is   proposed to   be   financed   through   GBS   of  `20,000   cr,
diesel cess of `1041 cr, internal resources of `14,219 cr, market borrowings of
`20,594 cr through Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC), considering its
past    excellent    performance      in  the   financial   market.     Normally       IRFC     raises
between  `9,000-10,000   cr   annually   for   leasing of   rolling   stock.   Next   year,   an
additional   amount   of  `10,000   cr   will   be   raised   through   tax   free   bonds  for
financing select capacity enhancement works.                  Railways will ensure servicing
this debt of tax-free bonds.         Further, external source of financing through PPP,
WIS etc is expected to yield `1,776 cr.

31.     Improving upon 2010-11, a greater thrust is being given to the expansion
of   the   rail   network   with   a   larger   allocation   of  `  9,583   cr   for   new   lines.   It   is
planned   to   complete   1,000  km   of   new   lines   in   2011-12.      In   addition,   the   left
over new lines from last year’s target will also be completed. Apart from this,
`5,406   cr   and  `2,470   cr   has   been   given   for  doubling   and   gauge   conversion
projects to complete 867 km and 1,017 km respectively. To overcome shortages
in   wagons,      coaches    and    locomotives,     `13,820     cr   has   been    earmarked      for
acquisition of rolling stock.

32.     Indian     Railways     are   a  true  symbol     of  inclusive   growth      and   it  is  the
lifeline of the nation and contributes to national integration.                It is an irony that
despite     the  presence     of  railways    in  India   for  157    years,   large   parts  of   our
population      have    never    seen   a  railway     line.  In   the  coming     decade,     Indian
Railways will continue to keep its service focus on the underprivileged and the
poor,   even   as   it   expands   its   services   for   the   more   fortunate.   I   quote   Gurudev
Rabindranath Tagore:

                   “Give me the strength never to disown the poor or
                          bend my knees before insolent might.”


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33.     In the last budget I had announced updation of surveys for 114 socially
desirable new lines.      Out of this 94 will be completed by March, 2011 and the
remaining by December, 2011.            I propose to take up construction of these lines
in the 12th five year plan since this budget year is the terminal year of the 11th

plan. Our dream is to bring about a social revolution through rail connectivity.
We   need   political   freedom   along   with  economic   freedom   that   will   usher   in
prosperity for our millions of countrymen, more especially to the common man.

34.     Madam,   we   have   proposed   to   create   a   fund   to   implement   the   socially
desirable projects during the 12th Plan.         Under the umbrella of this non-lapsable

fund, not only will the pending socially desirable lines be completed, but many
other similar new line projects would also be taken up.                The scheme is being
named, Pradhan Mantri Rail Vikas Yojana.                   I am extremely thankful to the
hon’ble Prime Minister for his support and guidance.

35.      Madam,       it  is  our  continuous      endeavour     to  connect     unserved     and
underserved      regions    to  the  rail  network.   We    want   underdeveloped       areas   to
develop     and   the   people   of  these   regions    to  join  the  process    of  growth.    I
therefore, propose to take up construction of the following new lines in a few
such areas:-

    i.   Wadsa-Gadchirholi in Maharashtra
    ii.  Bhadutola-Jhargram via Lalgarh in West Bengal
    iii. Gudur-Durgrajpuram in Andhra Pradesh
    iv.  Hansdiha-Godda in Jharkhand

36.     Railways   are   already   executing   19   projects   in   the   similar   difficult   and
underdeveloped areas in the States of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bihar and
Maharashtra and I propose to increase the allocation to these projects to `771 cr.

37.     A non-lapsable Fund for railway projects in the northeast region has
been created that will boost the progress of projects.              All the state capitals of
this region except Sikkim will get connected by rail network in the next seven
years.     The     prestigious      Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla             project     is   also
progressing and work on India’s longest tunnel between Banihal and Qazigund
would be completed this year.


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Safety & Security
38.     Safety is our first priority. Every incident is unfortunate.          We do not want
to see loss of even a single life. Unfortunately in two incidents of sabotage and
suspected   sabotage,   216   innocent   lives   were   lost.   We   are   trying   sincerely   to
ensure     such   incidents   do   not   occur.    We    extend    our   condolences     to  their

39.     Indian Railways connect 7,083 stations, and carry 2.20 crore people and
over 2.5 million tonnes of goods every day.  As a result of our sustained efforts,
the index for train accidents has decreased significantly from 0.29 per million
train km in 2004-05 to 0.17 in 2009-10.  This is despite the increase in traffic
from   16,021   trains   per   day   and   538   crore passengers   annually   in   2004-05   to
18,820 trains and 720 crore passengers in 2009-10. Madam, it is very sad that
every year over 1.30 lakh people die in road accidents.                 Railway is passenger
friendly, safe and a cheap mode of transport.            Rail fares are close to one-fourth
that of the road.

40.     In   my   first   tenure,   I   had  approved   the   introduction   of  Anti   Collision
Device (ACD). After ten years I find that it has been implemented only on NF
railway.    Madam, our recent trials with an improved version of ACD have met
with   success   and   it   will   be   commissioned   on   three   zonal   railways,   Southern,
South Central and South Western Railways.               Considering the successful trials, I
have   decided   to   extend   this   device   to   Eastern,   East   Coast,   East   Central   and
South   Eastern   Railways.       With   this   we  will   have   covered   8   of   the   17   zonal

41.     The number of incidents at unmanned level crossings, on which we are
working very seriously, has come down by 36% with the elimination of 1,500
unmanned crossings, construction of 172 ROBs and 240 RUBs/subways. I have
lowered the eligibility criteria for manning from 6,000 TVUs to 3,000 TVUs.
Efforts   will   be   intensified   in   the   coming   year   by   eliminating   the   remaining
eligible 2,500 unmanned level crossings as well as construction of 200 ROBs
and 325 RUBs/subways. Any other crossing required to be eliminated will also
be taken up for conversion.

42.     A GPS based  ‘Fog Safe’ device has been deployed and I am happy to
report    that  this  year  railways    have   handled     the  foggy   weather     without   any
untoward incident.


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43.     Madam,       railways    being   a   soft  target,  has   been    facing   the   wrath   of
extremists, agitations and other unsocial elements.             Incidences of disruptions by
way of bomb-blasts, sabotage, track-tampering etc. are on the rise. I appeal to
my   countrymen   to   exercise   discretion   and   restraint.      Railways   are   their   own
property and any damage will only result in inconvenience and loss of revenue
and will not help their cause.

44.     As law and order is the responsibility of the state governments, railways
are mostly helpless in handling such situations.            We cannot ensure efficient and
punctual   operations   of   trains   without   the   help   of   state   governments.      Some
states do help, some states are helpless.           Frequent calls for ‘rail rokos’ are not
only     crippling    operations    on   Indian    Railways      but  also   causing     immense
hardship to passengers, not to talk of  substantial loss of revenues. There have
been     115   cases   of   ‘rail  roko’   agitations    during   the   period    from   April    to
December 2010, a few of which have spread over a period of three weeks.                         In
the current year, till now more than 1,500 passenger carrying trains have been
cancelled,     another    1,500    diverted   over  longer     routes   and   more    than   3,500
rescheduled   on   account   of   such   disruptions.       We   want   cooperation   from   all
concerned. Those who help us, we will also help them.

45.      I am now making an offer that whichever state ensures trouble-free train
running for the whole year, shall be given two new trains and two projects as
a special package.

46.      An All India Security Help Line on a single number has been set up to
facilitate   passenger   security  and   is   likely   to   become  operational   this   year.   A
comprehensive   bill   has   been   drafted   to  empower   RPF   to   deal   with   passenger
related offences and it is likely to be placed before Parliament soon.                    We are
reviewing      the  passenger     security   care  programme        to  bring   about   all  round
security improvement for passengers.

47.     Madam,   the   thrust   of   the   Budget   this   year   is   also   on   modernisation.   A
number of measures will be taken to usher in latest technology. I would like to
spell out some of these steps for improving the efficiency of the system that will
ultimately benefit our customers:-

    i.      Based     on   the   success    of   the  pilot   project   of  SIMRAN,         jointly
            developed       by    IIT,   Kanpur     and    RDSO,       a  Real     Time     Train
            Information        System    (RTIS)     will   provide    reliable   information     on
            train running.


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    ii.    Collaboration   with   Bengal   Engineering   and   Science   University,
           Shibpur for using jute geo-textiles in embankment design;

    iii.   A project with IIT, Chennai on prototype manufacture of ultrasonic

    iv.    Partnership       with   Jadavpur     University    for  development      of  new
           designs for rail steel bridges;

    v.     A   collaborative      study    with   IIT,   Mumbai       on  the   problem    of
           corrosion of rails;

    vi.    The   Centre   for   Railway   Research   (CRR),   collaboration   between
           IIT,    Kharagpur     and   RDSO,      has been     sanctioned    and   is  under

    vii.   Centres of Excellence for development and prototyping various types
           of Mechatronics systems at RCF/Kapurthala and DMW/Patiala;

    viii.  E-procurement and e-auction to ensure transparency and economy.

    ix.    Development of a comprehensive web-based databank for land and
           asset management database for optimum utilization of our resources.

    x.     Issuing paperless railway receipts;

    xi.    Extend  web   based   system   of   allotment  of   iron   ore   rakes   to   coal

    xii.   Run  double-stack   container   trains  from   Gujarat   ports   to   the   major
           ICD at Gurgaon.

Green Initiatives
48.    Madam,   railways   are   always   environment   friendly   and   are   considered
evergreen. It is also the most fuel efficient mode of transport.         Therefore, I have
declared 2011-12 as the “Year of Green Energy”. I would like to share some
of the green measures taken by the railways:-


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    i.    Free supply of 14 lakh CFLs to railway households and phasing out of
          incandescent lamps.
    ii.  Regenerative braking in Mumbai EMUs
    iii. Windmill at ICF, Chennai
    iv.  Production of locos with ‘hotel load converter’
    v.   Increase use of solar energy at LC gates, stations etc.
    vi.  Use of bio-diesel, CNG and LNG in locos, workshops etc.

Passenger/Rail Users’ Amenities
49.     Madam,   for   passengers   a   fresh   thrust   has   been   given   to   improve   the
amenities and provide better experience at stations. In the last two years, we had
announced the upgradation of 584 stations as Adarsh Stations, out of which 442
stations will be completed by March 2011.             The remaining will be completed in

50.     Upgradation   of   stations   would   provide   safe   drinking   water,   pay   &   use
toilets,   high-level   platforms,   better   accessibility   for  the   physically   challenged
among   many   other   facilities   at   these   stations.  I   would   like   to   assure   all   the
hon’ble members that all the suggestion for Adarsh stations given by them have
been included in the following list of 236 stations. I will be happy to receive
suggestions from the hon’ble members to add more stations.

Abhaipur,      Acharya      Narendra     Dev    Nagar,     Achhnera,    Alipurduar        court,
Alipurduar Jn., Ambalgram, Ambernath, Ambikapur, Anara, Asoknagar Road,
Azimganj        Jn.,   Baghdogra,       Bagula,     Bahadurpur,       Baharu,     Bahirgachhi,
Bahirpuya,      Bahraich,   Balagarh,   Bala   Mau,   Balarambati,   Balgona,   Ballalpur,
Bamangachhi,   Bamangram   Halt,   Bamanhat,   Banarhat,   Baneswar,   Banka   pasi,
Bankimnagar,        Banstala,   Barabhum,      Baragaon,     Barasat    Jn.,  Barhni,   Barmer,
Barsoi      Jn.,   Basudevpur,      Basuldanga,      Batasi,     Bathnakrittiba,      Belakoba,
Beldanga,      Beliaghata     Rd,   Beliatore,    Betberia    ghola,   Bhadaiyan,      Bhadrak,
Bhagalpur,       Bhagwangola,       Bharwari,    Bhimgarh,       Bidyadharpur,       Bishnupur,
Boinchi, Brindabanpur, Buniyadpur, Burnpur, Chanchai, Chamagram, Champa,
Chandanpur, Chatra, Chatterhat, Chengannur, Chintamani, Chirimiri, Chitrakut
Dham   Karvi,   Chowrigacha,   Churu,   Dainhat,   Darjeeling,   Daryabad,   Dasnagar,
Deoria   Sadar,   Deulti,   Dhatrigram,       Dhubulia,   Dhulabari,   Dildarnagar,   Diva,
Dubrajpur,   Dumurdaha,         Durgachak,     Eklakhi,   Ettumanur,   Falakata,   Fatehpur,
Fatehpur Sikri, Gadadharpur, Gandhigram, Ghanpur, Ghoksadanga, Ghoragata,
Ghum,       Gidhni,    Gobra,     Guntur,    Gurap,     Harishdadpur,       Harishchandrapur,
Hasimara,   Hindmotor,   Hotar,   Hridaypur,          Hubli,   Jabalpur,   Jaganath   Temple


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Gate,    Jakhalabandha,      Jalor,   Jamikunta,    Janai   road,  Jangaon,     Jessore    road,
Jhantipahari,     Jodhpur,     Jorhat   Town,     Joychandipahar,      Kahalgaon,      Kaikala,
Kalchini,     Kalinagar,    Kaliyaganj,    Kamakhyaguri,       Kamareddi,      Kanjiramittam,
Kanthi,      Karimnagar,      Kathgodam,       Kathua,     Khagraghat       Rd.,    Khajuraho,
Khalilabad, Khemasuli, Khurja Jn., Kiraoli, Kishanganj, Kolar, Korba, Kotshila,
Kulpi,     Kumbakonam,         Kunda     Harnam     Ganj,     Kurukshetra,      Kuruppantara,
Labpur, Lohapur, Loknath, Lower Parel, Madarihat, Madhusudanpur, Majhdia,
Malatipur,   Malda   Court,      Malkajgiri,  Manendragarh,   Manigram,   Maninagar,
Mararikulam,       Matigara,    Mayiladuturai,    Meerut     City,  Meghnagar,      Mollarpur,
Mulanturutti,      Murarai,     Nabadwip      Ghat,    Nabagram,       Nagore,      Nagrakata,
Naimisharanya,       Nandakumar,       Narendrapur,      Navsari,    New    Alipurduar,    New
Bhuj,     New     Cooch     Behar,    Old    Malda,    Palla    road,    Palsit,    Panagarh,
Pandaveswar,        Panjipara,    Patranga,    Patuli,  Phusro,    Piravam     Road,    Pirtala,
Prantik,     Quilandi,    Raghunathpalli,       Raigarh,    Raipur,     Rajbandh,     Rajgoda,
Rajnandgaon,        Ramrajatala,     Rangiya,     Ratangarh,     Remount      road,    Rudauli,
Rupnarayanpur,        Sabarmati,     Sadulpur,    Sagardighi,    Sakoti     Tanda,    Salanpur,
Salboni,     Salem,   Sambre,     Sankrail,   Santaldih,     Sardiha,   Sasthankotta,     Satna,
Shahganj,      Shalimar,    Sidlaghatta,    Simlagarh,    Sirathu,   Sitapur    Cantt.,  Sivok,
Sohawal, Sonada, Srinivaspura, Sukna, Sultanpur, Talit, Thanabihpur, Tildanga,
Tiruppur, Tuticorin, Udhna, Vaikam Road, Vasco-da-gama, Vellarakkad.

51.     Though railways have announced the setting up of number of world class
stations, not much headway could be achieved because of their high costs.                   We
are taking a relook at the parameters and guidelines to provide what will suit
Indian   passengers   best.    This   work   will  definitely   be   taken   up   in   the   coming

52.     Out of the 160 MFCs announced, a few are completed and few are in the
process of completion. I have given a special target to complete all the MFCs
next year.    I propose to set up more  MFCs with budget hotels at Bangarpet,
Secunderabad,          Amethi,       Ramnagar,       Ajmer,        Chandigarh,        Amritsar,
Thiruvananthapuram,          Kamakhya,       Gaya,     Rae    Bareli,   Deoghar,      Varanasi,
Bhubaneswar,   Vellore,   Kanyakumari,   Srinagar,   Sasaram,   Bhagalpur,   Panipat,
Bhuj,    Anand,     Arsikere,   Birur,   Neemach,      Ratlam,    Azamgarh,     Ujjain,   Adra,
Midnapore,   Tamluk,   Purulia,   Thakurnagar,   Sagardighi,   Jangipur,   Bahrampur,
Nabadwip,   Kulti,   Bolapur,   Diamond   Harbour,   Naihati,   Kanchrapara,   Hajipur,
Islampur and Rohtak.


----------------------- Page 13-----------------------

53.     Some of the measures taken/proposed to be taken to improve passenger
amenities are:-

i.      Introduction of a pan-India, multi-purpose “Go-India” smart card on a
       pilot basis.   This will be one single window package for the passenger to
        seamlessly     pay   for   tickets  for   long  distance,    suburban,    metro    etc.
       journeys. The card can be used in booking counters, vending machines,
        internet etc.;

ii.     Two new coaching terminals at Nemam and Kottayam in Kerala, one in
        Mau    Nath    Bhanjan    in Uttar    Pradesh   and   another    in  Dankuni,    West

iii.    Better accessibility at stations for physically challenged customers;

iv.     Extension     of Rail    Yatri   Sevaks     with   modern    trolleys   to  six  more
        stations:   New    Delhi,   Mumbai,     Chennai,    Ahmedabad,       Bengaluru     and

v.     A    new    portal   for  e-ticketing    by   Centre    for  Railway     Information
        Systems (CRIS) is ready and will be launched shortly. Booking of tickets
        through this portal would be cheaper with a charge of only ` 10 for AC
        classes and ` 5 for others;

vi.     Provision    of internet    access   on   Howrah-Rajdhani       Express    as  a  pilot

vii.    Extension     of  Train    Management        System   to   New    Delhi,  Bangalore,
        Secunderabad, Ahmedabad and Lucknow stations to provide information
        on running of trains,

viii.   Introduction of advance booking of retiring rooms.

54.      Madam, I propose to introduce a new Super AC class of travel.                   The
new class will provide improved comfort and features and more exclusivity.

Golden Rail Corridor
55.     Madam, I am happy to announce that pre-feasibility study for the western
leg   (Delhi-Mumbai)   of   the   Golden   Rail  Corridor   would   start   early   next   year.


----------------------- Page 14-----------------------

The   study   is   being   undertaken   with   help   from   Japan,   with  the   objective   of
raising   speed   of   passenger   trains   to   160-200   kmph.   Similar   studies   will   be
initiated    for  other   corridors    including   Mumbai-Kolkata,         Chennai-Bangalore,
Delhi-Jaipur and Ahmedabad-Mumbai.

56.     Madam, our employees are our biggest asset and it is they who keep the
wheel   of   progress   moving.     Some   of   the  measures   I   propose   to   take   for   their
welfare are:-

    i.     Expand      the  scope    of  Liberalized      Active   Retirement       Scheme      for
           Guaranteed Employment for safety category staff by enhancing the
           existing criteria of grade pay from `1,800/- to `1,900/-.

    ii.    Considering the Indian family structure and values, extending medical
           facilities    to    both    dependent       father     and    mother      of    railway

    iii.   Increasing the scholarship for the girl child of gangmen and group
           ‘D’ employees to `1,200 per month for higher education.

    iv.    Setting   up   of   a Railway   Vidyalaya   Prabandhan   Board   (RVPB)  to
           improve      quality   of  education     to  children    studying    in  269    railway
           schools.  The Board will draw up a plan for improving the physical and
           educational infrastructure of these schools to be implemented in a time
           frame of three years.

    v.     In   order   to   provide   easy   access   to   medical   facilities   in   remote   and
           inaccessible   areas   for   our   employees,   it   is  proposed   to   provide   20
           Medical Road Medical Vans at different locations to begin with.

    vi.    I am happy to report that all the proposed 20 hostels for children of
           railway   employees   have   been  commissioned   and   another   20   would
           be set up next year.

57.     Madam, my Ministry is undertaking restructuring of all the cadres in
the   railways   to   afford   adequate   promotional   opportunities   to   the   officers   and


----------------------- Page 15-----------------------

58.     Madam,       after   the   new     recruitment     policy    announced      last   year,
recruitment process has already been set in motion for filling the vacancies of
about 1.75 lakh in Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ posts. Steps have also been taken
to   fill  up  about    13,000    posts   in  Railway     Protection    Force.   These    mega
recruitment     drives   will  cover   the  backlog    of  SC/ST/physically       handicapped

59.     I am happy to inform that for the first time, railways are inducting 16,000
ex-servicemen by end of March 2011. As also announced last year, we are also
recruiting more than 1,200 ex-servicemen in RPF. It is our humble tribute to our
brave jawans who defend our borders.
                                    koi sikh koi jaat maratha
                                     koi gurkha koi madrasi
                                     sarhad par marnevaala
                                     har veer tha bhaaratvasi
                                    jo shaheed hue hain unki
                                    jara yad karo kurbani….

60.     To enhance skills of our frontline staff in dealing with the customers, a
training     centre    is  proposed     to   be   started    at  Kharagpur.       Also    multi-
disciplinary   training   centres   would   be  set   up   at   Dharwad,   Kolkata   and   Pune
including   an  exclusive   international   centre   at   Agra.   A   new   basic   Training
Centre   at   Kurseong   is   proposed   to   cater   to   the   needs   of   Northeast   Frontier
Railway including Darjeeling - Himalayan Railway.

Setting up of Polytechnics
61.     I am happy to announce that five Polytechnics will be set up at Varanasi,
Machlandpur, Vadodara, Bhilai and Hubli-Dharwad under MOU with Ministry
of   Human      Resource     Development.       This  will   also   contribute    towards    the
national mission of skill development.

62.     As    the  hon’ble    members     are   aware,   railways    have  always     provided
congenial and enabling environment for breeding of sports talent in the country.
I   take   great   pride   in   reporting   that  railway   sportspersons   brought   25   medals
(including 13 Gold of the 38 won by India) in the recently held Commonwealth
Games, 2010.      The excellent performance of railway sportspersons continued in
the   Asian   Games   also   with   a   contribution   of   7   out   of   14   Golds   for   India.


----------------------- Page 16-----------------------

Railways   also   ran   a   special   Commonwealth   Express   which   was   visited   by   8
lakh people.

63.     Madam, railways will continue to strengthen the sports infrastructure and
open more sports academies, stadia and multi-purpose halls.                It is also proposed
to create a separate sports cadre so that their aspirations are fully met.

Promotion of Cultural Activities
64.     Madam, you will agree that the Railway family cannot isolate itself from
the   cultural   field.  Therefore,   I   have   formed   a   Cultural   Promotion   Board   to
boost the cultural activities across the length and breadth of the country which
will be railways’ efforts to preserve and promote the diverse and rich cultural
heritage of the nation.

65.     To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath
Tagore, on 9th May, 2010, a special exhibition  train, “Sanskriti Express”, was

launched. It is showcasing artistic works, philosophy and teachings of Gurudev.
The train has been moving across the country and has been visited by more than
24 lakh people in 18 states so far.

66.     At the invitation of our beloved Sheikh Hasina, Hon’ble Prime Minister
of   Bangladesh,   this   train   is   set   to   go   on   a   cultural   exchange   programme   to
Bangladesh according to their convenience. I am thankful to her for suggesting
‘Sonar Tori’ as the name of the train. I wholeheartedly accept her suggestion.

67.     Several     other  special   exhibition    trains  such    as “Mother      Express”   a
tribute to Mother Teresa on her birth centenary and “Aurobindo Express” have
also    been   run   to  disseminate     the  message     of  these   great   personalities.   In
addition, running of “Vivekananda Express” will be extended for two years up
to   his  150th   birth  anniversary     in  2013.   We    have   also   run   a “Technology

Express” to spread the awareness of science and technology among youth and

Financial Performance
68.     Madam Speaker, I have no hesitation in informing this august House that
Indian Railways are passing through a very difficult phase. The year 2009-10
was challenging for the railways. Implementation of the 6th Pay Commission’s

recommendations         increased     the   expenditure     on   staff  and    pension    by   an
unprecedented 97%. The latest assessment of Pay Commission’s impact reveals
an additional expenditure of `73,000 crore during the XI Plan period. This has


----------------------- Page 17-----------------------

heavily   impacted   our   internal   generation   for   plan   investment.       However,   by
prudent   financial   management,   we   have   not   only   paid   the   full   dividend   for
2009-10, but also achieved an operating ratio of 95.3%.                  In fact, if we do not
take pay commission arrears into consideration, which rightfully are liabilities
of previous financial years, the operating ratio would have been 84% even with
payment of higher salaries and pension. If the salaries and pension are also kept
at the earlier levels, the operating ratio comes down even further to 74.1%.

69.     The testing times for the railways continue in 2010-11 due to the impact
of    allowances     and   several    post-budgetary      factors.    On    the   earnings    side,
disruption   of   train   movements   has   resulted   in   a   loss   of   about  `1,500   cr   and
another `2,000 cr due to the ban on export of iron ore.               As a result, the loading
target had to be reduced by 20 million tonnes to 924 million tonnes. However,
in the revised estimates, goods earnings have been retained at the budget level
based on trends of higher yield per NTKM. The total gross earnings have now
been   fixed   at  `94,742   cr   which   is  `177   cr   higher   than   the   budget.   With   the
reduced   traffic   suspense   clearance   of `98   cr,   Gross   Traffic   Receipts   is   higher
than the budget target by `75 cr at `94,840 cr.

70.     On the expenditure side, two hikes in the rates of HSD oil and increased
electricity tariff in some states, higher DA rates and excise duty rates, as well as
impact of unanticipated higher salary and allowances, raised the requirement by
`5,700 cr. I am proud to say that we will save `3,700 cr by our economy drive
and other austerity measures.         Next year we will save more. Ordinary Working
Expenses   has   now   been   fixed   at  `67,000   cr,   an   increase   of  `2,000   cr   over
Budget      Estimate.    After    providing    for  `5,700     cr   and  `14,500      cr  towards
Depreciation       Reserve    Fund    and   Pension     Fund    respectively    in  the   Revised
Estimates, the Total Working Expenses are likely to be `87,200 cr. Accounting
for full dividend liability of `4,917 cr, the “Excess” comes to `4,105 cr.                    The
revised operating ratio works out to 92.1% which would have been 72.8% with
pre-pay commission salaries. The revised plan outlay has been kept at `40,315

71.     Madam, I would like to thank all the Parliamentary Committees including
the Railway Convention Committee for their full support.


----------------------- Page 18-----------------------

Budget Estimates, 2011-12
72.     Madam, I shall now deal with the Budget Estimates for 2011-12.

73.     On    the  basis   of  freight   traffic  projection   of   993   million   tonnes   and
passenger      growth    of  6.4%    over    2010-11,    the   Gross    Traffic   Receipts    are
estimated     at  `1,06,239     cr  assuming    a  clearance    of  `200   crore   from   traffic
suspense.    Madam, for the first time, railways’ earnings are set to exceed the
rupees one lakh crore mark.           Ordinary Working Expenses have been assessed
at `73,650   cr.   This   represents   an   increase  of   9.9%   over   Revised   Estimates   of
2010-11 to cater for annual increments of salaries, DA, higher requirement for
fuel   and   materials   for   increased   level  of   activity   and   lease   payments.   The
appropriation   to   Pension   Fund   is   placed   at  `15,800   cr   and   to   Depreciation
Reserve   Fund   at  `7,000   cr   compared   to  `5,700   cr   in   the   Revised   Estimates,
2010-11.      Total   Working     Expenses     therefore    are   placed   at `96,450      cr.  A
provision of `6,735 cr has been made for dividend payment leaving an “Excess”
of  `5,258   cr   to   be   utilized   for   Development   Fund   and   Capital   Fund.     The
expected Operating Ratio is 91.1%.

74.     With this, I hope the railways will soon emerge stronger, leaving behind
the   impact    of  the  Pay    Commission      and  engage     fully   in  the  revival   of  its
financial health.
                       Hamara Mushkil Daur Gujar Chuka Hai
                     Aur Hum Din-o-din Majboot Hote Jayenge

                       (Tough times are now over and Railways,
                     will grow from strength to strength from here)

Metropolitan Projects
75.     Madam, Indian Railways have only one metro i.e. Kolkata Zonal Metro
Railway.      We    are  proud    of  it.  As   a full-fledged     zone,   Kolkata     Metro    is
expanding its network.       A core committee has been set up to closely monitor the
progress     of  ongoing     works    for  the   speedier    completion     of   the  following

        i.     Naopara to Barasat via Bimanbandar

        ii.    Baranagar to Barrackpore and Baranagar to Dakshineswar

        iii.   Dum-Dum Airport to New Garia via Rajerhat

        iv.    Joka to BBD Bagh via Majerhat


----------------------- Page 19-----------------------

76.     The entire section from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (Tollygunge) to Kavi
Subhash      (New     Garia)   has   been   commissioned.       Every    day   over   5   lakh
passengers utilize the metro services.

77.     It  is  also  proposed    to  take   up  the   following    new   surveys    for  new
connectivity of Kolkata metro:-

        i.     Joka-Diamond Harbour
        ii.    Baruipur - Kavi Subhash
        iii.   Howrah Maidan to Srirampur via Dankuni and Singur
        iv.    Howrah Maidan – Belur
        v.     Howrah Maidan – Santragachi – Dhulagarh
        vi.    Joka-Mahanayak Uttam Kumar
        vii.   Barrackpore to Kalyani

78.     It is also proposed to introduce 34 new services in Kolkata Metro in the
coming year.

79.     Railways are committed to continue the partnership with Maharashtra for
strengthening Mumbai’s suburban system.

80.     I   am   happy   to   inform   the   august   House   that   for   the   first   time,   20-car
MEMU   trains   have   been   introduced  on   Northern   Railway  during   2010-11   to
reduce overcrowding.

Integrated Suburban Railway Networks
81.     Madam, India is witnessing rapid urbanization putting great pressure on
our cities and towns. Transport infrastructure will be a key to their growth and
sustenance. I propose the development of integrated suburban railway networks
in large cities like Mumbai, bringing together suburban railway, metro railway
and other rail infrastructure under a single integrated system which will provide
faster,   efficient,   affordable   and   comfortable   transportation   to   the   citizens.   To
begin   with,   I   plan   to   introduce   this concept   in   those   cities   where   suburban
system     exists,  such   as  Hyderabad,    Ahmedabad,       Kolkata,  and    Chennai.    We
propose     to  strengthen    the  suburban    system    of  Hyderabad-Secundeabad          by
implementing six projects under MMTS Phase II.


----------------------- Page 20-----------------------

82.     Madam,       Mumbai      Rail   Vikas    Corporation      (MRVC)      has   helped    bring
enormous   improvements   in   Mumbai’s   suburban   system.   I   now   wish   to   bring
about   a   similar   transformation   to   the   suburban   transport   system   of   the   other
megalopolis of the country, Kolkata. For a 100 km and more around Kolkata,
the lives of the people are inexorably linked with activities, trade and industry
of   the   city.   There   is   a   great   need   to   upgrade   the   entire   suburban   system   of
Kolkata with better, faster and more number of services including 15-car trains.

83.     I am aware that such improvements need substantial  finances. Railways
have    limited    resources.    Therefore,    I  propose     to  set  up  Kolkata     Rail   Vikas
Corporation   (KRVC)   on   the   lines   of   MRVC,   which   will   raise   funds   through
banks     and    other    financial    institutions,    Municipal      Corporation      and   other
stakeholders. I believe, this single measure will kick start Kolkata’s return to its
days of glory.      Similar corporations can be considered for congested suburban
systems in other states.

Production Units
84.     I must complement all the Production Units who have performed well in
2009-10.   I   am   happy   to   report   that   CLW   has   turned   out   the   first   locomotive
with   ‘hotel   load   converter’   to   meet   power   requirement   of   coaches   and   pantry
car.   The capacity of Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) is being augmented to
300 locos. It has also indigenized GM locomotives to bring the cost down.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
85.     All   the   eleven   Railway   PSUs   have  performed   well   in   2009-10   with   a
turnover of more than `15,000 cr, earning a net profit of `1,782 cr.                 These PSUs
paid a dividend `311.88 cr to the railways.

86.     At    present    physically      handicapped         persons     are   not   entitled    for
concessions   on   Rajdhani   and   Shatabdi   trains.         It   is   proposed   to   extend   the
concession facility to them in these trains also.

87.     Press   correspondents   are   now   entitled   to   avail   50%   concession   with
family once in a year.  It is proposed to increase this facility to twice a year.

88.     It   is   proposed   to   extend   the   facility   to   the  Kirti   and   Shaurya   Chakra
awardees of travelling in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.


----------------------- Page 21-----------------------

89.     In   case   of unmarried       posthumous        Param     Vir   Chakra     and    Ashok
Chakra gallantry award winners of armed forces, it is proposed to extend the
facility of card passes to the parents.

90.     At present the concession for senior citizens is extended to both men and
women   at   60   years   of   age. I   propose  to   reduce   this   in   case   of   women   to   58
years.   I also do not want to annoy the men, and therefore, propose to increase
their concession from 30% to 40%.

Wagon Procurement
91.     Madam, adequate supply of wagons is a pre-condition to fulfilling ever
increasing   demand   for   rail   transport.     The   august   House   would   be   happy   to
know that a record procurement of 16,500 wagons is being done in the current
year.   We have also kept a higher target of 18,000 wagons for the next year.

Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC)
92.     Madam, the main loan agreement for phase I of Western Corridor of DFC
with    Japan    International    Cooperation     Agency      (JICA)    has  been    signed   and
bidding     process    for  civil  and   track  work    has   commenced.       For  the   Eastern
Corridor,   the   appraisal   by   World   Bank   for   Khurja-Bhaupur   section   would   be
carried   out   next   month.   I   am   extremely   happy   to   announce   that   work   from
Dankuni end on the eastern corridor has already started. We want to complete
the DFC project by December, 2016 as scheduled.

93.      As   hon’ble   members   are   aware,   land   is   a   sensitive   issue.    With   the
objective of reducing the number of land losers, we have made efforts to bring
the alignment of the DFC parallel to the existing railway network and thereby
using     12,000    acres   from    railways’    land   bank.     It   has   also   reduced    the
requirement   of   land   acquisition   by   2,718   acres   resulting   in   a   saving   of   about
`300 cr.

New Lines
94.     Madam,   as   I   mentioned   earlier,   all  the   114   socially   desirable   projects
which     have   been    surveyed    recently,   will   be  included    in  the  12th  Plan   and

financed through the proposed Pradhan Mantri Rail Vikas Yojana.

95.     In my last budget speech, 33 new line sections covering 1,021 km were
identified   for   completion   as   compared  to   less   than   200   km   normally.      I   am
happy to inform the House that we have taken a giant leap in completion of new
lines projects. The progress of laying new lines will be further accelerated and


----------------------- Page 22-----------------------

in   the   year   2011-12,   we   are   confident  of   exceeding   a   milestone   of   laying   of
1,000 km of new lines. The sections which have either been completed or will
be completed during 2010-11 are:-

     1.    Chandurbazar-Narkhed
     2.    Deogarh- Dumka
     3.    Mandarhil – Hansdiha
     4.    Bhawanipatna-Junagarh
     5.    Barkakhana-Kuju
     6.    Nawadih –Dhanwar
     7.    Tarn Taran-Goindwal
     8.    Lalitpur-Udaipura
     9.    Mahrajganj - Bishunpur Mahuari
     10.   Ajmer-Pushkar
     11.   Jagityal- Mortad
     12.   Khanapur- Homnabad
     13.   Salem – Namakkal
     14.   Ramaganjmandi - Jhalawar
     15.   Lonand-Phaltan
     16.   Rampurhat- Pirargarhia
     17.   Deoghar – Chandan
     18.   Khurda Road – Begunia
     19.   Phulwarisharif-Patliputra
     20.   Jhajjar-Rohtak
     21.   Abohar-Fazilka
     22.   Agra-Fatahabad-Bah
     23.   New Coochbehar-Golakganj
     24.   Nossam- Banaganapalli
     25.   Vishnupuram- Jahanpad
     26.   Gadwal-Pandurangswami Nagore – Karaikkal
     27.   Matnasibpur - Masagram

96.    The target of 800 km for Gauge Conversion was fixed for 2010-11 and I
am happy to inform the house that this target will be met.           The sections which
have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are:-

    1.  Krishnanagar - Shantipur
    2.   Sitamarhi-Bairgania


----------------------- Page 23-----------------------

    3.  Kaptanganj - Thawe
    4.  Katihar-Tejnarayanpur
    5.  Mavli-Nathdwara
    6.  Mayiladuturai - Tiruvarur
    7.  Anandapuram-Talguppa
    8.  Bodeli-Chottaudepur
    9.  Bardhman – Balgona
    10. Aunrihar – Jaunpur
    11. Aluabari-Siliguri
    12. Ratangarh-Bikaner
    13. Dindigul - Palani
    14.  Tirunelveli - Tenkasi
    15. Bharuch-Samni-Dahej

 97.   The target for Doubling was fixed as 700 km for the year 2010-11 and I
am   happy   to   inform   the   august   House   that  this   target   will   be   met. Sections
which have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are as

  1.     Pen-Kasu
  2.     Dhanauri – Kiul
  3.     Kalinarayanpur – Biranagar
  4.     Nalikul – Tarkeswar
  5.     Pandabeswar – Chinpai
  6.     Umeshnagar-Khagaria of Begusarai-Khagaria
  7.     Targena-Jehanabad
  8.     4th line between Kottavalasa-Simhachalam
  9.     Chakki Block Hut-Chakki Bank
  10.    Tundla – Yamuna Bridge
  11.    Khalilabad – Munderwa
  12.    Mau – Indara
  13.    Malda-Old Malda
  14.    Netravati - Kankanadi
  15.    Ennolre - Attipattu
  16.    Barbil-Barajamda doubling
  17.    Champa Bypass Line
  18.    Mysore-Naganahalli
  19.    Devanur-Ballakere


----------------------- Page 24-----------------------

 20.    Part of Udhna-Jalgaon
 21.    Gandhidham-Kandla Port
 22.    Palwal - Bhuteshwar third line
 23.    Rajathgarh-Barang
 24.    Nancherla-Aspari
 25.    Kamalapuram-Muddanuru
 26.    Part of Panskura- Kharagpur
 27.    Panvel-Apta
 28.    Barasat – Sondalia
 29.    Baruipur – Magrahat
 30.    Khamargachi – Jirat
 31.    Karhagola-Kursela of Semapur-Kursela
 32.    Begusarai-Lakho of Begusarai-Khagaria
 33.    Sasan-Rengali
 34.    Budhi-Kathua
 35.    Panki-Bhaupur- 3rd line
 36.    Bankata - Bhatni
 37.    Govindnagar - Basti
 38.    New Guwahati-Digaru
 39.    Harsauli-Rewari
 40.    Mavelikkara - Chengannur
 41.    Kayankulam - Haripad
 42.    Adra-Joychandipahar doubling
 43.    Ramangaram-Settihalli
 44.    Mugad-Kambarganvi
 45.    Kalapipal-Phanda
 46.    Gandhidham-Adipur
 47.    Part of Bilaspur-Urkura
 48.    Khurda-Barang
 49.    Guntakal – Raichur
 50.    Gooty – Pullampet
 51.    Kondapuram-Tadipatri
 52.    Salkaroad-Anuppur doubling

98.    The new lines sections covering 1,075 km proposed to be completed in
2011-12 are:-

   1.        Admednagar-Narayandoh


----------------------- Page 25-----------------------

2.            Gokulnagar-Mayonapur
3.            Dumka-Shikaripara
4.            Biraul-Kusheshwarsthan
5.            Koderma-Barhi-Hazaribagh-Mandu-Kuju
6.            Runisaidpur-Jubbasani
7.            Part of Talcher-Bimalgarh
8.            Pandu Pindara-Bhaibwa
9.            Bhind-Etawah
 10.          Bishnupur-Mahuari-Mashrakh
 11.          Bhatni-Chauria
 12.          New Mal Jn. to Changrabandha
 13.          Harmuti-Naharlagun
 14.          Namakkal-Karur
 15.          Angamalli-Kaladi
 16.          Raichur-Pandurangaswamy
 17.          Nossam-Banaganapalle
 18.          Devarakadra-Krishna
 19.          Kanivehalli-Chikmagalur
 20.          Hirisave-Shravanabelagola
 21.         Talpur-Arambagh
 22.          Banka-Karjhusa Halt
 23.          Ajimganj-Jiaganj
 24.          Part of Daniawan-Biharsharif
 25.          Part of Dhanawar-Giridih
 26.          Kosi Bridge
 27.          Morinda-Khamnano
 28.          Part of Udaipura-Mawai Fatehabad-Bah
 29.          Etawah-Mainpuri
 30.          Bathua Bazar-Panchdeori
 31.          Paniyahwa-Chhitauni
 32.          Part of New Coochbehar-Golakganj
 33.          Dausa-Deedwana
 34.          Walajah Road-Ranipet
 35.          Metpally-Armoor
 36.          Homnabad-Hallikhed
 37.          Banaganapalli-Nandyal
 38.          Deshpran-Nandigram
 39.          Sakrayapanta-Kanivehalli


----------------------- Page 26-----------------------

    40.       Part   of   Lalitpur-Khajrao-Satna,       Khajuraho-Mahoba         &    Rewa-

99.    Madam,   a   target   of   1,017   km   has   been   fixed   for   Gauge  Conversion   in
2011-12 including the following sections:

   1.   Krishnanagar-Nawadwipghat
   2.   Murliganj-Banmankh
   3.   Chauradano-Raxaul
   4.   Anandnagar-Naugarh
   5.   Rangiya-Rangapara North
   6.   Ratangarh-Sardarsahar
   7.   SriganganganagarHanumangarh
   8.   Palghat-Pollachi
   9.   Nidamangalam-Mannargudi
    10. Ankeleshwar-Rajpipla
    11. Madhepura-Murliganj
    12. Bairgania-Chauradano
    13. Bareilly-Lalkuan
    14. Naugarh-Barhni
    15. New Malda Junction-New Maynagori Road
    16. Sikar-Churu
    17. Palani-Pollach
    18. Mahamadurai-Virudhnagar
    19. Kolar-Chintamani
    20. Ratlam-Fatehabad

100.   The following sections covering 867 km are proposed to be doubled in
2011-12 are as under:-

 1.     Apta-Pen
 2.     Jirat-Guptipara
 3.     Chandpara-Bongaon
 4.     Dakshin Barasat-Lakshmikantapur
 5.     Chandrapur-Bhandaridih
 6.     Korukonda-Vizianagaram
 7.     Palwal-Ballabgarh
 8.     Jakhal-Mansa


----------------------- Page 27-----------------------

 9.     Chauri Chaura-Baitalpur
 10.    Burhwal-Jhangirabad
 11.    Banas-Swarupganj
 12.    Manchiriyal-Mandamari
 13.    Gokulpur-Midnapur Doubling
 14.    Muri-Muri Outer with Bridge
 15.    Tikiapara-Santragachi
 16.    CPH-Bye pass
 17.    Ballakere-Birur
 18.    Vyara-Chinehpada
 19.    Kasu-Roha
 20.    Guptipara-Ambika Kalna
 21.    Ghutarisharif-Canning
 22.    Magrahat-Diamond Harbour
 23.    Jharsuguda-Rengali
 24.    Kottavalsa-Kantakapali
 25.    Tughlakabad-Faridabad
 26.    Domingarh-Sahjanwa
 27.    Baitalpur-Bhatni
 28.    Keshavganj-Sirohi
 29.    Part of Chengalpattu-Villupuram
 30.    Raghavapuram-Peddampet
 31.    Dumetra-Champajharan
 32.    Banspani-Jaroli
 33.    Kalumna-Nagpur
 34.    Maddur-Hanakere
 35.    Birur-Ajjampur

101.   In  the  last  two  budgets,  I  had  announced   251  updating   surveys/new
surveys for new lines/gauge conversion/doubling. Of these, the following 190
surveys have been completed or will be completed by the end of this financial
year. These lines will also be taken up in the 12th Plan:-

     1.    Bhadrachallam-Kovvur
    2.     Hyderabad-Gazwal-Siddipet-Sircilla-Jagityal
    3.     Nizamabad-Ramagundam
    4.     Barwadih-Chirimiri
    5.     Raipur-Jharsuguda


----------------------- Page 28-----------------------

6.         Pendra Rd-Korba/Gevra Rd
7.         Bhavnagar-Mahuva
8.         Patiala-Kurushetra
9.         Panipat-Meerut
   10.     Bahadurgarh-Jhajjar
   11.     Hisar-Sirsa via Agroha, Fatehabad
   12.     Bilaspur to Leh via Kullu & Manali
   13.     Una-Jaijon Doaba
   14.     Jogindernagar to Mandi
   15.     Parwanoo-Darlaghat
   16.     Baramulla-Kupwara
   17.     Jammu-Poonch via Akhnoor, Rajouri,
   18.     Kathua-Basoli-Bhadarwah-Kishtwar
   19.     Barajamda-Tatina
   20.     Bhojudih-Mohuda
   21.     Hansdiha-Godda
   22.     Kandra-Namkom
   23.     Raigarh-Mand Colliery to Bhupdeopur
   24.     Ranchi-Kandra
   25.     Gadag-Harihar
   26.     Tumkur-Davangere
   27.     Madurai-Kottayam
   28.     Erumeli-Punalur-Trivendrum
   29.     Barpeta Road-Tihu.
   30.     Jogighopa to Silchar via Panchratna
   31.     Murkongselek-Pasighat
   32.     Naginimora-Amguri
   33.     Rangpo-Gangtok
   34.     Salna-Khumtai
   35.     Sarthebari – Changsari
   36.     Tuli-Tuli Road
   37.     Gunupur-Theruvali
   38.     Puri-Konark
   39.     Yamunanagar-Patiala
   40.     Una-Hoshiarpur
   41.     Jagadhri-Paonta Sahib-Rajban
   42.     Beas-Kapurthala
   43.     Qadian-Beas


----------------------- Page 29-----------------------

 44.    Devli-Tonk-Sakatpura
 45.    Dindigul-Kumli
 46.    Rameswaram-Dhanushkoti
 47.    Amethi-Shahganj via Sultanpur
 48.    Diamond Harbour-Budge Budge- Akra
 49.    Pandabeshwar- Ikra
 50.    Ikra-Churulia- Gourandi
 51.    Bongaon- Kalyani
 52.    Ranaghat- Duttapulia
 53.    3rd line between Krishnanagar- Naihati
 54.    Lucknow-Lakhimpur-Pilibhit via Sitapur

 55.    Kapilvasthu- Basti via Bhansi
 56.    Tanakpur- Bageshwar
 57.    Kanti- belda
 58.    Digha- balichak
 59.    Marikuppam- Kuppam
 60.    Nangli- Chittoor
 61.    Ahmedabad-Botad & Dhasa-Jetalsar
 62.    Rajkharswan-Ranchi
 63.    Hasnabad-Samshernagar
 64.    Arambagh-Khana
 65.    Canning-Gosaba via Basanti
 66.    Kakdweep-Sagar-Kapilmuni
 67.    Dullabcherra-Cheraji
 68.    Mandir Bazar-Ramganga
 69.    Chalsha-Jhaldhaka
 70.    Ghatakpukur-Minakhan
 71.    Bilara-Bar
 72.    Baruipara-Furfura Sharif-Arambagh
 73.    Ratlam-Banswara-Dungarpur
 74.    Krishnanagar-Nabadwipghat extension to BB loop

 75.    Machhlandpur-Swarupnagar
 76.    Sainthia-Chowrigacha via Kandi
 77.    Yamuna Nagar-Chandigarh via Sadhaura, Naraingarh

 78.    Singur-Nandigram

 79.    Dabwali-Kalanwali via Sirsa
 80.    Mirik-Gangtok


----------------------- Page 30-----------------------

 81.     Joynagar-Raidigi
 82.    Madurai-Ernakulam (Cochin)
 83.    Dantewara-Malkangiri
 84.    Alamatti-Kopal
 85.    Medak-Akkanapet
 86.    Madhuban-Giridih
 87.    Ajmer-Sawaimadhopur via Tonk
 88.    Sambalpur-Behrampur
 89.    Rajkot- Viramgam
 90.     Chhindwara-Nainpur-Mandla Fort
 91.     Ahmedpur-Katwa
 92.     Nagbhir-Nagpur
 93.     Tala-Princepghat-Majerhat
 94.     Secunderabad-Mahboobnagar
 95.     Sahibganj-Bhagalpur
 96.     Sambhal-Gajraula
 97.     Daurala-Bijnor via Hastinapur
 98.     Chandigarh-Dehradun via Jagadhari
 99.     Rishikesh-Doiwala
100.  Roorkee-Haridwar
101.  Hasnabad-Pratapadityanagar
102.  Chaparmukh-Dibrugarh
103.  Dangri-Dhola
104.  Dehradum-Kalsi
105.  Port Blair-Diglipur
106.  Pandurangpuram-Bhadrachalam
107.  Pattancheru - Adilabad
108.  Jagdalpur-Dantewara
109.  Bhavnagar-Tarapore
110.  Kharhagola-Santhalpur
111.  Kaithal-Karnal
112.  Bilaspur-Rampur Bushahr
113.  Udhampur/Katra - Bhairawah,                    Doda to Kishtwar
114.  Gua-Manoharpur
115.  Jhajha-Giridih via Sonuchakai
116.  Lohardaga-Korba
117.  Nawadah-Giridih via Satgawan
118.  Tori-Chatra


----------------------- Page 31-----------------------

119.  Almatti - Yadgir
120.  Dhule-Amalner
121.  Jalna-Khamgaon
122.  Wardha-Katol
123.  Warora-Umrer
124.  Ramtek-Gotegaon via Sioni
125.  Baran-Shivpuri
126.  Lalabazar-Vairengte
127.  Lekhapani-Kharsang
128.  Rupai-Parashuramkund via Mahadevpur, Namsai, Chingkham
129.  Jeypore-Malkangiri
130.  Navrangpur-Jeypore
131.  Patiala-Jakhal/Narwana via Samana
132.  Ajmer-Kota
133.  Jaisalmer-Barmer
134.  Nokha-Sikar
135.  Pushkar-Merta
136.  Sardarshahr-Hanumangarh
137.  Jolarpettai-Hossur via Krishnagiri
138.  Etah-Kasganj
139.  Sitapur-Bahraich
140.  Haridwar-Kotdwar-Ramnagar
141.  Ramnagar-Chaukhutiya
142.  Kharagpur-Dhankuni
143.  Nasik Dahanu Road
144.  Hamirpur- Hamirpur Road
145.  Phaphund- Kounch
146.  Bharatpur-Deeg-Kama- Kosi
147.  Jogigopa to Guwahati via Barpetta- Sarthebari
148.  North Lakhimpur- Along -Silapathar
149.  Guwahati- Lumding-Tinsukhia- Dibrugarh doubling
150.  Hastinapur - Meerut
151.  Bacharwan-Lalganj
152.  Piran Kaliyar Sharif- Haridwar
153.  Sirhind - Nangal Dam
154.  Bhiwani- Loharu- Pilani- Churu
155.  Pushkar - Merta
156.  Digha- Raichak-Kulpi


----------------------- Page 32-----------------------

    157.  Shahganj-Unchahar via Sultanpur, Amethi, Salon
    158.  Bongaon-Bagdaha
    159.  Banspani-Bimalgarh-Barsuan
    160.  Dankuni-Jorgalpara-Furfura Sharif-Jangipara-Bargachia
    161.  Chikballapur-Sri Satya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam
    162.  Balurghat-Hilly
    163.  Salboni-Jhargram via Lalgarh, Belpahari
    164.  Digha-Jaleswar-Puri
    165.  Bishnupur-Mukutmonipur
    166.  Gadag-Haveri
    167.  Samsi-Dalkhola
    168.  Krishnanagar-Beharampore via Chapra, Karimpur
    169.  Gadag-Wadi
    170.  Tarakeshwar-Magra restoration
    171.  Shimoga-Harihar
    172.  Kaliyaganj-Buniadpur
    173.  Panskura-Ghatal-Chandrakona and Ghatal-Arambagh
    174.  Anekal Road-Bidadi
    175.  Namkhana-Bakkhali
    176.  Pune-Nasik
    177.  Yadagir-Shahapur-Shorapur-Muddebihal-Alamatti
    178.  Nanded-Bidar
    179.  Ramnagar-Chaukhutiya
    180.  Vishnupuram-Vinukonda
    181.  Erumeli-Pathanamthitta-Punalur-Thiruvananthapuram
    182.  Bolangir-Nawapada
    183.  Mokama-Ara
    184.  Rewari-Hissar
    185.  Dankuni-Bally 3rd line
    186.  Bibinagar-Nallapadu
    187.  Krishnanagar-Lalgola
    188.  Bandel-Saktigarh 3rd line
    189.  Jhansi-Kanpur
    190.  Rampurhat-Ghumani 3rd line

Rail Tourism
102.   We    have   planned  for  rail  business with   Ministry   of  Tourism.   If
successful this year, we will expand the partnership.   To improve look of twenty
railway stations and its approaches, the cost will be shared on 50:50 basis.    The


----------------------- Page 33-----------------------

stations are Hyderabad, Hospet, Agra, Rae Bareli, Belur, Varanasi, Kamakhya,
Haridwar,      Dooars,    Gaya,   Madurai,     Tarapith,   Thiruvananthapuram,        Furfura
Sharief,    Amritsar,    Aurangabad,     Nanded,    Puri,   Tarakeshwar,     Rameshwaram,
Tirupati, Guwahati, Jaipur and Ajmer.


Suburban Services
103.    With    a  view   to  further  enhancing     the  carrying   capacity   of  suburban
services   in   Mumbai   area,   47   additional   services   on   the   Thane-Vashi,   Thane-
Panvel,   Borivali-Virar,   Andheri-Virar,  Bandra-Virar   and   Churchgate-Borivali
sections   will   be   run.   It   is   also   proposed   to   augment   107   suburban   services   in
Mumbai area from the present 9 car EMUs to 12 Car EMUs.

104.    In   Chennai   area,   it   is   proposed   to run   9   additional   services   on   Chennai
Beach-Gummidipundi,            Gummidipundi-Chennai           Central,    Avadi     -Chennai
Beach,   Chennai   Central-Tiruvallur,   Tiruvallur-Chennai   Central,   and   Chennai
Beach- Tambaram is proposed to be extended to Chengalpattu.

105.    To strengthen the suburban services in Kolkata area, 50 new services will
be   introduced   including   from   Howrah-Uluberia,   Howrah-Midnapur,   Howrah-
Kharagpur,   Howrah-Singur,   Howrah-Memari,   Howrah-Barddhaman,   Howrah-
Haripal-Tarakeswar,           Howrah-Kolaghat,          Howrah-Sarupnagar,           Sealdah-
Canning/Jaynagar        Majilpur,   Sealdah-Kakdwip-Namkhana,            Sealdah-Sonarpur,
Sealdah-Baruipur-Diamond            Harbour,      Sealdah-Barasat-Hasnabad,          Sealdah-
Thakurnagar,         Sealdah-Barasat-Bongaon,           Sealdah-Naihati-Ranaghat-Gede,
Sealdah-Shantipur-Krishnanagar,              Sealdah-Kalyani,         Sealdah-Barrackpore,
Sealdah-Budge-Budge,             Sealdah-Dankuni,          Bongaon-Ranaghat-Shantipur,
Howrah-Seoraphuli-Bandel and Sealdah-Basirhat. It is proposed to introduce at
least two suburban services in each of the above sections.

106.    It is also proposed to introduce running of peak time local to BBD Bagh
from    Bongaon/Krishnanagar.         Two     non-stop    trains  between     Bardhaman      &
Howrah are also proposed.

107.    In   Secunderabad   area,   it   is   proposed   to   run   10   additional   services   on
Falaknuma       –   Lingampalli,     Lingampalli    –    Hyderabad,     and    Hyderabad     –
Falaknuma       sections.   83  sub-urban     services   in  Secunderabad      area   will  be
augmented from the present 6-car to 9-car services.


----------------------- Page 34-----------------------

 108.  In   Delhi   area,   it   is   proposed   to   run   2   additional   services   on   Delhi   –
Ghaziabad section.

Duronto trains
 109.  The following new Duronto trains are proposed to be introduced:

i.    Allahabad-Mumbai AC Duronto (bi-weekly)
ii.   Pune- Ahmedabad AC Duronto (tri-weekly)
iii.  Sealdah – Puri non AC Duronto (tri-weekly)
iv.   Secunderabad- Visakhapatnam AC Duronto (Tri-weekly)
v.    Madurai- Chennai AC Duronto (Bi-weekly)
vi.   Chennai - Thiruvananthapuram AC Duronto (Bi-weekly)
vii.  Mumbai Central- New Delhi AC Duronto (Bi-weekly)
viii. Nizamuddin-Ajmer non-AC Duronto(Bi-weekly)
ix.   Shalimar – Patna Duronto (Tri-weekly)

Double Decker AC
 110.   AC     double-decker    services   are   proposed    to  be  introduced    on   the
following routes:

    i. Jaipur- Delhi
    ii.  Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Shatabdi Express
 111.  The following new Shatabdi Express trains will be introduced:

     i.    Pune -Secunderabad
     ii.   Jaipur-Agra
     iii.  Ludhiana - Delhi

 112.  Increase in frequency of Duronto services

    i.    Mumbai CST-Howrah Duronto Express from 2 days to 4 days (12261/12262)
    ii.   Mumbai- Ahmedabad Duronto Express from 3 days to daily (12267/12268)
    iii.  Sealdah–New Delhi Duronto Express from 2 days to 5 days (12259/12260)
    iv.   Nagpur- Mumbai CST Duronto Express from 3 days to daily (12289/12290)
    v.    Howrah -Yesvantpur Duronto Express from 4 days to 5 days (12245/12246)


----------------------- Page 35-----------------------

Vivek Express
113.   To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda which will be

celebrated in 2013, I propose to introduce new trains called “Vivek Express”.
The first four such trains will be introduced on the following routes:

     i.   Dibrugarh- Thiruvanthapuram-Kanniyakumari Express (weekly) via
     ii.  Dwarka-Tuticorin Express (weekly) via Wadi
     iii. Howrah-Mangalore Express (Weekly) via Palghat
     iv.  Bandra (T)- Jammu Tawi Express (Weekly) via Marwar-Degana- Ratangarh-
          Jakhal- Ludhiana

Kavi Guru Express
114.   We are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Kavi Guru Rabindranath

Tagore    this  year.  As    our  homage    to  the  great  poet,  I  propose   to  run  the
following Kavi Guru Express trains:

     i.   Howrah-Azimganj Express (daily) via Sagardighi
     ii.  Guwahati- Jaipur Express (weekly) via Kasganj – Faizabad – Gorakhpur -
     iii. Howrah-Bolpur Express (daily)
     iv.  Howrah-Porbander Express (weekly)

Rajya Rani Express
115.   I propose to introduce a new set of trains connecting state capitals with
important cities/towns in those states:

     i.    Sawantwadi Road - Mumbai          Express (daily)
     ii.   Saharsa - Patna Intercity Express (daily)
     iii.  Meerut- Lucknow Intercity Express (daily)
     iv.   Mysore    - Bangalore Express (daily)
     v.    Damoh - Bhopal Intercity Express (daily)
     vi.   Silghat – Dhubri Intercity Express (tri-weekly via Guwahati – Kokrajhar -
     vii.  Bankura – Howrah Express (tri-weekly)
     viii. Nilambur Road – Thiruvananthapuram Link Express (daily)
     ix.   Jharsuguda – Bhubaneswar Express (tri-weekly)
     x.    Manmad – Mumbai Express (daily) via Nasik


----------------------- Page 36-----------------------

Janam Bhoomi Gaurav
116.   Madam, to take forward our efforts of promoting rail tourism, I propose
to launch special tourist trains called “Janam Bhoomi Gaurav”.             These special
trains   connecting   important   historical   and   educational   places,   will   run   on   the
following routes:
  i.   Howrah   -   Bolpur   -   Rajgir   (Nalanda)  –   Pataliputra   (Patna)   -   Varanasi
       (Sarnath) - Gaya- Howrah

 ii.   Bangalore-Mysore-Hassan             (Space      Facility,      Belur,     Halebid,
       Shravanbengola)-       Hubli-Gadag     (Hampi)    -  Bijapur   (Gole   Gumbaz)     -

 iii.  Chennai-Puduchcheri-Tiruchichirappali-Madurai-Kanniyakumari-
       Thiruvanthpuram-Ernakulam -Chennai

 iv.   Mumbai-Ahmedabad-(Lothal)-Bhavnagar(Palitana)-(Alang)-Gir-

Express trains
117.   I propose to introduce following new express trains:

1.         Raebareli-Jaunpur Express (daily)
2.         Tirupati-Amravati Express (bi-weekly) via Akola, Nizamabad, Gooty,
3.         Asansol-Gorakhpur Express (weekly) via Chhapra, Siwan
4.         Nagpur -Kolhapur Express (bi-weekly) via Kurduwadi, Latur road, Purna,
5.         Malda Town-Digha Express(weekly) via Rampurhat
6.         Pune-Nanded Express(weekly) via Latur
7.         Visakhapatnam- Koraput Intercity Express (5 days a week) via Vizianagram
8.         Howrah-Secunderabad Express(weekly) via Kharagpur
9.         Mumbai- Chandigarh Express(weekly) via Phulera-Ringus- Gurgaon-
 10.       Bardhaman – Rampurhat Express (tri-weekly)
 11.       Bikaner- Delhi Superfast Intercity (daily) via Ratangarh
 12.       Hyderabad- Darbhanga Express (weekly) via Muri-Jharsuguda-Nagpur
 13.       Howrah – Tirupati Express (weekly)
 14.       Narsapur- Nagarsol Express(bi-weekly) via Secunderabad, Nizamabad
 15.       Puri-Shalimar Express(weekly)
 16.       Ranchi- Pune Express (bi-weekly) via Bilaspur
 17.       Shalimar-Udaipur Express(weekly) via Katni, Kota


----------------------- Page 37-----------------------

18.       Chennai- Shirdi Express (weekly) via Bangalore
19.       Coimbatore- Tuticorin Link Express (daily)
20.       Howrah-Mysore Express (weekly) via Gondia, Adilabad
21.       Yesvantpur- Mysore Express (daily)
22.       Digha-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly)
23.       Mysore- Chennai Express (weekly)
24.       Ahmedabad- Yesvantpur AC Express (weekly) via Hubli, Bijapur
25.       Bhavnagar- Kochuvelli Express (weekly) via Panvel, Madgaon
26.       Gorakhpur- Yesvantpur  Express (weekly) via Faizabad, Kanpur, Bhopal,
27.       Bhuj- Dadar Express(bi-weekly)
28.       Kolkata-Ajmer Express(weekly) via Asansol
29.       Jabalpur- Indore Intercity Express (tri-weekly) via Guna, Bina
30.       Porbander- Kochuveli Express (weekly) via Panvel, Madgaon
31.       Kolkata-Agra Express(weekly) via Kasganj, Mathura
32.       Lucknow- Bhopal Express (weekly)
33.       Varanasi-Singrauli Intercity Express (daily)
34.       Nagpur – Bhusawal Express (tri-weekly ) via Itarsi – Khandwa
35.       Puri-Gandhidham Express(weekly) via Durg
36.       Howrah-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly)
37.       Guwahati-Dimapur Express(Daily)
38.       Howrah – Darbhanga     Express (weekly)
39.       Vasco-Velankani Express(weekly)
40.       Bilaspur-Ernakulam Superfast(weekly)
41.       Digha-Puri Express (weekly)
42.       Jodhpur-Delhi Express (bi-weekly) via Degana, Ratangarh
43.       Kharagpur-Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Vellore
44.       Udaipur-Bandra(T) Express(tri-weekly) via Ratlam
45.       Purulia –Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Midnapore, Kharagpur, Vellore
46.       Asansol – Gonda Express (weekly) via Chhapra, Mau, Shahganj, Ayodhya
47.       Delhi – Puducherry Express (weekly)
48.       Asansol – Tatanagar Exppress (tri-weekly) via Purulia
49.       Indore- Kota Intercity Express (daily) via Ruthiyai
50.       Bhagalpur – Ajmer Express (weekly)
51.       Howrah-Jaisalmer Express(weekly) via Rae Bareli, Ratangarh, Lalgarh
52.       Ernakulam – Bangalore Express (weekly)
53.       Mangalore – Palghat Intercity Express (daily)
54.       Varanasi – Ahmedabad Express (weekly) via Ajmer
55.       Howrah-Nanded Express (weekly)


----------------------- Page 38-----------------------

 56.       Hardwar – Ramnagar Link Express (tri-weekly)

Passenger services
118.   The following new passenger services will be introduced:

1.     Delhi- Garhi Harsaru-Farukhnagar Passenger (daily)
2.     Kendujhargarh- Bhubaneswar Fast Passenger ( 5 days a week)
3.     Koraput- Bolangir-Sambalpur Passenger (daily)
4.     Barkakhana- Dehri-on-Sone Passenger(daily)
5.     Jodhpur- Hissar Fast Passenger (daily)
6.     Tirupati- Guntakal Passenger (daily)
7.     Coimbatore- Mettupalayam Passenger (6 days a week)
8.     Bhuj- Palanpur Passenger (daily)
9.     Silghat- Chaparmukh Passenger (daily)
 10.   Siliguri-Dinhata Passenger (daily)
 11.   Abohar – Fazilka  passenger (daily)
 12.   Bilaspur-Katni Passenger (daily)
 13.   Raipur – Korba Passenger (daily)

119.   Following new DEMU services will be introduced:

1.     Gondia -Ballarshah
2.     Vasai road-Diva
3.     Ratlam-Neemuch
4.     Ratlam-Chittaurgarh
5.     Sealdah – Jangipur
6.     Ahmedabad-Patan
7.     Bangalore Cantt-Bangarpet
8.     Dharmapuri-Bangalore
9.     Marikuppam-Bangarpet
 10.   New Jalpaiguri-Balurghat
 11.   Falaknuma-Medchhal
 12.   Mriyalguda-Nadikudi
 13.   Kacheguda-Raichur
 14.   Raichur-Gadwal
 15.   Radhikapur- New Jalpaiguri
 16.   Jalna-Nagarsol
 17.   Nizamabad-Secunderabad


----------------------- Page 39-----------------------

18.   Kacheguda-Mriyalguda
19.   Baripada-Bangariposi
20.   Sealdah - Bhagwangola - Lalgola
21.   Kolar-Bangalore
22.   Krishnanagar – Behrampore Court

120.  The following MEMU services will also be introduced:

1.    Ranchi-Asansol
2.    Ernakulam – Kollam (via Alappuzha)
3.    Vasai Road-Panvel
4.    Bangarpet -Koppam
5.    Falaknuma-Bhongir
6.    Midnapore - Jhargram
7.    Kollam - Nagercoil
8.    Jhargram-Purulia

Extension of trains:
121.  The run of the following trains will be extended:

 1.   Chhindwara-Gwalior Express to Delhi (11101/11102)
 2.   Jhansi-Chhindwara Express to Delhi (11103/11104)
 3.   Udaipur-Gwalior Express to Khajuraho (12965/12966)
 4.   Solapur- Gadag Express to Hubli (11423/11424)
 5.   Jabalpur-Nagpur Express to Amravati (12159/12160)
 6.   Nizamuddin- Bapudham Motihari Express to Muzaffarpur (12211/12212)
 7.   Jammu Tawi-Sonpur Express to Muzaffarpur (12491/12492)
 8.   Lucknow- Allahabad Express to Vindhyachal (14209/14210)
 9.   Chandigarh- Jaipur Garib Rath Express to Ajmer (12983/12984)
 10.  Indore-Ajmer Express to Jaipur (19655/19656)
 11.  Lucknow- Saharanpur Express to  Chandigarh (15011/15012)
 12.  Chennai Egmore –Nagore Express to Karaikal (16175/16176)
 13.  Visakhapatnam-Nizamabad Express to Nanded (18509/18510)
 14.  Sambalpur- Nizamabad Express to Nanded  (18309/18310)
 15.  Mysore- Shimoga Town Express to Talguppa (16205/16206)
 16.  Valsad- Vadodara Express to Dahod (12929/12930)
 17.  Surat- Bhavnagar Express to Mahuva (19025/19026)
 18.  Sultanpur – Ajmer Express to Ahmedabad (19603/19604)


----------------------- Page 40-----------------------

 19.  Ajmer-Kishanganj Express to New Jalpaiguri (19601/19602)
 20.  Mumbai-Allahabad Express to Faizabad via Jaunpur, Shahganj (12563/12564)
 21.  Yesvantapur-Mangalore Express to Karwar (16515/16516)
 22.  Saharanpur- Delhi to Farukh Nagar (14546/14545)
 23.  Lucknow – Bhopal Express to Pratapgarh (12183/12184)
 24.  Delhi- Shahjahanpur Passenger to Sitapur Cantt. (54075/54076)
 25.  Moradabad- Chandausi Passenger to Bareilly (54311/54312)
 26.  Hajipur- Phulwaria Passenger to Bathua Bazar (55221/55222)
 27.  Hajipur- Thawe Passenger to Kaptanganj (55007/55008)
 28. Nagercoil- Thiruvanthapuram Passenger to Kochuvelli (56318/56317)
 29.  Hyderabad- Wadi Passenger to Gulbarga (57135/57136)
 30.  Hubli- Bijapur Passenger to Solapur (56909/56910)
 31. Nagda- Kota Passenger to Ratlam (59803/59802)
 32.  Ambala – Una DEMU to Amb Andaura        (74991/74992)
 33.  Ambala – Amritsar DEMU to Kurukshetra (74645/74646)

 Increase in frequency of trains
122.  The frequency of the following trains will be increased:

1.    New Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi Express from 6 days to daily (12015/12016)
2.    Nagpur- Ahmedabad Express from weekly to bi-weekly (11453/11454)
3.    Nizamuddin -Dehradun AC Express from 6 days to daily (12205/12206)
4.    Secunderabad -Bikaner Express from weekly to bi-weekly (17037/17038)
5.    New Delhi- Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express from 6 days to daily (12423/12424)
6.    Jaipur- Pune Express from weekly to bi-weekly (12939/12940)
7.    Rourkela- Bhubaneswar Express from 6 days to daily (18105/18106)
8.    Bangalore- Hubli Jan Shatabdi Express from 6 days to daily (12079/12080)
9.    Habibganj- Jabalpur Jan Shatabdi Express from 6 days to daily (12061/12062)
10.   Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Udaipur Chetak Express from 4 days to daily
11.   Indore- Udaipur Express from 3 days to daily (19657/19658)
12.   Rajkot- Porbander Express from 3 days to daily (19571/19572)
13.   Mumbai CST- Mangalore Express from 3 days to daily (12133/12134)
14.   Chennai-Tiruchendur Express from weekly to daily (16735/16736)
15.   Surat- Amravati Fast Passenger from 2 days to 3 days (59025/59026)
16.   Thiruchchirappalli- Karur Passenger from 6 days to daily (76835/76836)
17.   Shoranur- Eranakulam Passenger from 6 days to daily (56607/56608)


----------------------- Page 41-----------------------

Special Trains
123.     Railways often have to meet large  spikes in the demand for passenger
traffic during vacations, festivals, Kumbh or other melas etc. In the current year,
we already operated 130 pairs of additional special trains which made 36,000
trips.  In   the   coming   summer   season,   it   is   planned   to   operate   8,000   trips   to
handle the rush, and a total of 40,000 for the whole year.           This not only helps
railways to achieve a healthy growth in passenger earnings but also satisfies to a
large extent the seasonal travel demands.         Preparations to cater to the expected
massive   demand   by   pilgrims   during   ‘Maha   Kumbh   Mela’   in   2013   are   being

New Lines
124.   I propose to take up the following new line projects in 2011-12:-

    1.  Murkongselek-Pasighat
    2.  Rae Bareli – Akbarganj
    3.   Somnath – Kodinar
    4.  Joynagar – Durgapur
    5.   Sultanpur – Amethi
    6.  Mateswar – Memari
    7.   Itahar to Raiganj
    8.  Bankura – Purulia
    9.  Mellacheruvu – Janpahad
    10. Bhangankhali and Basanti
    11. Bongaon and Poramaheshtala
    12. Irphala to Ghatal
    13. Nadikudi-Srikalahasti
    14. Baruipara to Furfura
    15. Madurai-Tuticorin
    16. Kalikapur and Minakhan via Ghatakpur
    17. Tumkur-Davangiri
    18. Chandranagar to Bakkahali
    19. Whitefield-Kolar
    20.  Kakdwip and Budhakhali
    21.  Bira to Chakla
    22.  Ratlam-Banswara-Dungarpur
    23.  Basanti – Jharkhali
    24.  Barabani – Churulia
    25.  Shimoga-Harihar


----------------------- Page 42-----------------------

Gauge Conversion
125.    The following new gauge conversion works are proposed to be taken up
        next year:

  i.    Baraigram-Dulabchera
 ii.     Shapur – Saradiya
 iii.   Karimganj – Mahisasan
 iv.    Mehsana – Taranga Hill
 v.     Lucknow-Pilibhit via Sitapur, Mailani
 vi.    Miyagam-Dabhoi-Samlaya

126.    The   following   new   doubling   works   are   proposed   to   be   taken   up   this

    1.  Kalyan-Kasara - 3rd line
    2.  Rae Bareli – Utratia
    3.  Bhusawal-Jalgaon - 3rd line
    4.  Bhagalpur-Pirpainti
    5.  Ambari Falakata to New Mainaguri
    6.  Doubling across bridge no. 16,18 & 19 between Kathua-Madhopur
    7.  Rewari- Manheru
    8.  Guriya-Marwar & Karjoda-Palanpur
    9.  Guntur-Tenali
    10. Kumblam-Thuravur
    11. Plassey-Jiaganj
    12. 3rd line between Bandel & Boinchi
    13. 3rd line between Sainthia-Tarapith
    14. Simhachalam - Gopalapatnam bye-pass line
    15. Patch doubling of Aunrihar-Manduadih section
    16. Doubling across Beas Bridge between Mirthal-Bhangala
    17. Rani – Keshav Ganj
    18. Ajmer –Bangurgram
    19. Omalur – Metturdam - Patch doubling
    20.  Toranagallu-Ranjithpura
    21.  Shivani – Hosdurga Road
    22.  3rd line between Boinchi & Shaktigarh
    23.  Kharagpur-Gokulpur
    24.  Kirandul –Jagdalpur
    25.  Parbhani-Mudkhed


----------------------- Page 43-----------------------

    26.  Vijaywada     –  Gudivada    –  Bhimavaram      -  Narasapur    and  Gudivada     –
    27.  Bina-Kota
    28.  Viramgram-Samalkhiali

Project Implementation
 127.  Hon’ble     members     have   been  expressing    their  anguish   over  delays   in
project    execution   and   non-utilisation   of  funds   allotted   for  works.   I  fully
appreciate     their  grievances.    Therefore,    I  propose    to  set  up   a  Central
Organization       for  Project   Implementation      (COPI)     with   offices  in  Delhi,
Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, each headed by an officer of GM rank.                 COPI
will   also  ensure   uniformity   of  systems   and   methodologies,     follow  the  best
practices    and  optimize    on  resources.   Core   groups   in  the  four  offices   will
monitor and ensure the funds allocated to different projects are fully utilized and
not surrendered or diverted and projects completed in a time-frame. They will
also ensure accountability and fix responsibility for non-performance.

New Line Surveys
 128.  On    the  basis   of  requests   received   from   the  hon’ble   members,     state
governments and others, the following surveys are proposed to be taken up in

   1     Bitragunta - Donakonda
   2     Adilabad - Armoor
   3     Bronachalam - Bellary
   4     Poddatur – Yerraguntla
   5     Karimnagar – Hassanparthi
   6     Patancheru – Adilabad
   7     Bhadrachalam Road – Visakhapatnam
   8     Dimapur-Tizit
   9     Bapudham Motihari - Riga
   10    Dhamtari - Kanker
   11    Rail connectivity to Jowai(Jaintia Hills) with Lokro
   12    Dahod - Nathdwara
   13    Rail connectivity to Santalpur, Suigam, Vav, Sanchor, Radhanpur
   14    Taranga - Abu Road via Ambaji
   15    Rail connectivity to Gariawar Taluka in Bhavnagar
   16    Surat -Hazira
   17    Viramgam -Sankheshwer


----------------------- Page 44-----------------------

18    Daman -Nasik
19   Nadiad -Tarapur -Kheda -Matar
20    Tarapur –Mahemadabad
21   Ahmedabad -Khedbrahma - Ambaji
22    Mahesana -Harij -Radhanpur
23   Vejalpur –Botad
24    Jakhal - Hissar
25   Alwar - Charkhi Dadri
26    Ghatshila – Ranchi
27    Simri Bakhtiyarpur - Bihariganj
28    Thakazhy-Tiruvalla
29    Tumkur-Chamarajnagar
30    Kolhapur – Dharwar
31    Ramganjmandi – Neemuch
32    Laji - Kirnapur
33    Farrukhabad - Shahjahanpur upto Mailani
34    Damoh - Hatanagar - Khajuraho
35    Pandra Road-Gotegaon(Shreedham).
36    Rail connectivity to Fatehabad-Chandravatiganj with Ratlam-Indore project
37    Chhindwara – Sagar
38    Rail connectivity of Kolhapur to Konkan Railway
39   Additional suburban line on Virar - Diva - Panvel section
40    Fast corridor on Harbour Line
41    Bye-pass line from Chudawa - Basmat Station
42    Paradip Port - Dhamara Port
43    Bhadrachalam - Kharagpur through Koraput-Talcher-Baripada
44    Rajmahendri - Raipur
45    Salem - Karaikal via Perambalur, Mayiladuthurai
46    Rajpura Junction – Chandigarh
47    Dharamkot - Moga
48    Barmer-Palanpur
49    Jaisalmer-Kandla
50   Nagore – Falaudi
51    Mannargudi - Pattukkottai
52    Tirupati to Nagore via Kancheepuram.
53    Balrampur - Khalilabad
54    Gwalior - Shahjahanpur via Fetehabad, Katana, Rajpur, Jalalabad
55    Manakpur - Madarsah Majar


----------------------- Page 45-----------------------

 56   Barabanki - Fatehpur via Deva
 57   Kasganj - Etawah via Mainpuri
 58   Hasnabad - Machalandapur
 59   Kushinagar- Kapilvastu (Nepal)
 60   Ghughli - Anandnagar via Maharajganj
 61   Dibrugarh-Dangri via New Tinsukia Town
 62   Cuddaph - Hindupur via Kadiri
 63   Kannur - Mattannur
 64   Nandyal - Atmakur via Mahanandi
 65   Parumamilla-Bakrapet
 66   Thellapur - Patancheru
 67   Rail connectivity to  Dondi Lohara
 68   Sabarmati - Abu Road
 69   Palanpur - Bhuj
 70   Bhildi – Jodhpur
 71   Dhrangadhara -Santalpur
 72   Palanpur -Ambaji -Abu Road
 73   Dhanera -Goradu
 74   Tahrad -Vav -Suigam
 75   Bharuch -Dahej -Jambusar
 76   Rail linkage for Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor in Gujarat
 77   Gandhinagar-Prantij
 78   Nadiad-Dholka
 79   Pirpainti - Jasidih
 80   Koppal-Singanur
 81   Tiruvalla - Ranny -Pampa
 82   Kozhikode-Beypore
 83   Nanjangode-Nilambur Road
 84   Jabalpur-Udaipura-Sagar
 85   Katangi-Tarodi
 86   Kolhapur - Rajapur
 87   Nagar -Kalyan
 88   Karad - Belgaum via Nipani
 89   Karaikal - Teralam
 90   Karaikal - Sarkazi
 91   Nandigram-Hijli Pirbaba via Jelingham
 92   Sriperambudur-Guduvanchery        with   spur  to  Irun  Kattukottai   -  Avadi-


----------------------- Page 46-----------------------

   93    Sausar - Pandhurana
   94    Talasserry-Mysore
   95    Shillong-Chandranathpur
   96     Sivok-Mirik
   97    Tirap-Lekhapani
   98    Silghat-Tezpur
   99    Bagnan - Shyampur
  100    Hyderabad-Srisailam
  101    Secunderabd-Karimnagar via Siddipet
  102    Rohtak - Hansi via Meham
  103    Ramagundam-Renigunta
  104    Sivok-Kalimpong
 105     Katwa-Karimganj
  106    Nandakumar-Moyna(Bolai Panda)
 107     Belda-Narayangarh

Gauge Conversion Surveys
 129.   Following surveys are proposed to be taken up in 2011-12:-

     1.    Gwalior - Degond
     2.    Katosan Bahucharaji-Ranuj
     3.    Hapa-Dahisar
     4.    Veraval-Dhasa Jn via Talala-Visavadar-Khijadia

Doubling Surveys
 130.   Following surveys are proposed to be taken up in 2011-12

     1.    Pune - Lonavala 3rd line
     2.    Gutti - Dharmavaram with electrification
     3.    Rajkot-Viramgam
     4.    Ahmedabad-Junagarh
     5.    Rajkot-Surendranagar
     6.    Birur-Shimoga
     7.    New Bongaigaon-Rangiya-Kamakhya
     8.    Irugur-Podanur
     9.    Macherla-Nadikude
     10.   Virar - Ahmedabad 3rd line
     11.   New Bongaigaon-Kamakhya via Goalpara Doubling


----------------------- Page 47-----------------------

     12.  Ahmedabad-Palanpur
     13.  Rohtak-Bhiwani
     14.  Hubli-Bangalore
     15.  Podanur - Palghat 3rd line
     16.  Ernakulam-Shoranur 4th line

Railway Electrification
131.   The hon’ble members will be happy to know that railways would exceed
the original XI Plan target of 3,500 route-km of electrification.          In 2011-12, the
following sections covering around 1,000 km are proposed to be electrified:-

  i.     Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titlagarh-Raipur
 ii.     Rosa-Sitapur-Burhwal
 iii.    Alwar-Rewari

132.   In   addition   to   the   above,   feasibility  study   for   the   electrification   of   the
following sections will be undertaken:

i.     Ahmedabad   –   Palanpur   –   Phulera   –  Ringus   –   Rewari   -   Delhi   including
       Kandla / Mundra Port – Gandhidham - Bhildi-Palanpur and
ii.    Amla-Chindwara-Kalumna

133.   Madam, I have already outlined the road map, the railways will take in
future.  My mind is always with the common people. Railways provide the only
affordable mode of long distance travel.         I do not want to further burden them
this   year. That   is   why   on   behalf   of  the   government   I   have   not   increased   the
fares for the last two years despite all pressures on our finances.

134.   With these words, Madam, I commend the Railway Budget for 2011-12
to the House.



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