11 February 2011

Questionnaire on National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)


Q. No. 1. What is NSAP?

Ans.  NSAP   stands   for   National   Social   Assistance   Programme.   This   came   into
effect   from   15th  August,   1995.   NSAP   at   present   comprises   of   Indira   Gandhi

National      Old   Age    Pension      Scheme(IGNOAPS),           National    Family     Benefit

Scheme(NFBS) and Annapurna Scheme.

Q. No. 2. What is the eligibility for getting old age pension?

Ans.    The    eligibility  criteria  under  Indira   Gandhi    National    Old   Age   Pension

Scheme is:-

        -Age of the applicant (male or female) should be 65 years or above.

        -The    applicant    should   be   belonging    to  a   household     living  below   the

          poverty line according to the criteria prescribed by the Govt. of India

Q.   No.   3.  How    is   IGNOAPS      different   from    the  earlier   National    Old   Age

Pension Scheme (NOAPS)?

Ans. Under NOAPS, old age pension were granted to a person who is 65 years

old   or  higher  and   who   is   destitute   in   the   sense   of   having  little   or  no   means   of

regular income. Pension under IGNOAPS is now granted to a person who is 65

years or above and belongs to a household below the poverty line instead of only

to destitutes.

Q.No.4. When did the IGNOAPS come into effect?

Ans.    The    National   Old   Age   Pension     Scheme     has   been   renamed      as  Indira

Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOPS) and formally launched on

19   November, 2007.

Q. No. 5. What is the pension amount under Indira Gandhi National Old Age

Pension Scheme?

Ans.  The   central   contribution   of   pension   under   the   Indira   Gandhi   National   Old

Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS) is Rs. 200/- per month per beneficiary and the

age     beneficiaries    are  getting   anywhere      between     Rs.   200/-   to  Rs.   1000/-

depending on the State Contribution.

Q. No. 6 What are the pension schemes of the State Government?

Ans. Several States are having their own widow, disabled and old age pension

schemes   with   varying   eligibility   criteria.   These   schemes   are   funded   from   their

own resources.

Q. No.7. Who do I contact for getting pension under the scheme?

Ans.   The     social  security   schemes     are  generally    implemented      by  the  Social

Welfare      Departments       in   the   States.    However,      in  some     States,    Rural

Development        Department       or  Women       Child   Development       Department      are

administering   these   schemes.   The   concerned   department   in   the   State   may   be

approached for getting pension.

Q. No. 8. How will the pension be disbursed to me?

Ans. As per the Govt. of India decision, pension has to be credit in bank account/

post   office   account   of   the   beneficiary   wherever   feasible.   States   are   at   present

disbursing pension either through bank account/ post office saving account or in

cash in Gram Sabha or through Money Order.

Q. No. 9. Are women also eligible for the pension?

Ans.   Women       are   also  eligible  for  the  pension    provided   they   also   meet   the

eligibility criteria laid-down under the IGNOAPS?

Q. No. 10.  Whether pension is restricted to only one person in a family?

Ans.   No. All the persons who are 65 years of age in a            BPL family are eligible to

get old age pension.

Q. No. 11. What is the National Family Benefit Scheme?

Ans. National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) is a component of National Social

Assistance Programme (NSAP). Under National Family Benefit Scheme, Central

Assistance is given in the form of lumpsum family benefit for households below

the poverty line on the death of the primary breadwinner in the bereaved family.

Q. No. 12. What is the eligibility under NFBS?

Ans. The assistance is available on fulfilling the following conditions:-

        -  The      primary    breadwinner      shall   be   a   member      whose     earnings

            contribute substantially to the household income.

        -  The death of such primary breadwinner occurs while he or she is more

            than 18 years and less than 65 years of age.

        -   The bereaved family qualifies as one below the poverty line according

            to the criteria prescribed by the Govt. of India

Q. No. 12. What is the amount given under NFBS?

Ans..     The   amount     of  benefit   is  Rs.10000/-     in  case   of  death   of   primary

breadwinner   due   to   natural   or   accidental   causes.   The   family   benefit   is   paid   to

such surviving member of the household of the deceased who, after local enquiry

is determined to be the head of the household.

Q.No.13.         What is Annapurna Scheme?

Ans.      Annapurna Scheme was introduced w.e.f.1.4.2000. This scheme aimed

at providing food security to meet the requirement of those senior citizens who,

though     eligible,  have    remained     uncovered     under    the   NOAPS.      Under    the

Annapurna Scheme 10 kgs of food grains per month are provided free of cost to

the beneficiary.

Q.No.14.         How     could    a  person     become      eligible    for  pension      under

IGNOAPS, if his name could not found in the BPL List 2002?

Ans.      Such   a   person   is   not   eligible   for   pension.   However,   he  may   appeal   to

appropriate authority for inclusion of his name in the BPL List 2002 and after that

he may apply for pension.

Q. No. 15.       What     are   the   circumstances       under     which    pension     under

IGNOAPS can be stopped?

Ans.    Pension can be stopped in case of death of the beneficiaries or he does

not withdraw amount for a reasonable time.

Q. No. 16.       On   which     date   the   pension     is   credited    in  the   account/

disbursed ?

Ans.    As far as possible pension has to be disbursed monthly.             However, some

of the States are disbursing pension quarterly or half yearly, in advance.

Q.  No.17.     Whether     nomination      facility  is  available   in case    of  death   of


Ans.    In case of death of pensioner, the pension is stopped and no nominee will

receive it.

Q. No.18         Whether joint account in the bank/ post office can be opened

for disbursal of pension?

Ans.    Joint account with any member of the family is not permissible.

Q.No.     19.  Whether      identification/sanction      of   pension     is  a  continuous

process ?

Ans.  Yes.    Identification of eligible beneficiaries is a continuous process.

Q.No. 20. Is there any cut off dates for determination of age and receive the

application ?

Ans. There is no cut off date.       As and when person becomes 65 years old and

belonging     to  a  BPL   household    as   per  BPL   2002    list  he may   approach    the

appropriate authority for grant of pension.

Q. No. 21. Who do I turn to if I have any complaint on any of the schemes of

the National Social Assistance Programme?

Ans.   The   Nodal   Secretary   dealing   with   NSAP   in   the   State  or   the   concerned

District/block    level  Welfare   Officer  can   be   approached     for  redressal   of  any

complaint regarding the schemes under NSAP.

State Governments may contribute over and above to this amount. At present old

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