31 January 2011


As technology is spreading its wings across the length and breadth of the country, a need was felt by Bank to provide its customers in rural areas with an ATM which is easy to operate, does not warrant high level of literacy, remembering PINS and can read out instructions on screen to get cash or services. As a solution to this Bank plans to deploy Kisan ATMs in rural areas to serve the customers of our remote rural branches. The first such ATM is installed at Sivagangai branch Tamilnadu and inaugurated by the Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambaram.

Kisan ATMs are user-friendly cash dispensing machines, which are voice enabled and work on bio-metric authentication like finger print verification. Kisan ATMs can communicate with the users in local language. To make the operations easier Kisan ATMs are provided with touch screen monitor. The screen options glow as the instructions are read out to the customer and the customer needs only to touch the option desired by him. The ATMs also have dip-type card reader and hence ensure that the machine never captures the card inserted by the customer. All the above features make these ATMs so easy and convenient that people with practically no exposure to technology can use it comfortably.

Kisan ATM cards

Bank has issued a new series of cards for the Kisan ATMs. The cards have an attractive design.

ATM Functions

The ATM will support the following functions:

1. Cash Withdrawal
2. Balance Enquiry

ATM operation

Kisan ATMs are meant to bring in 24x7 banking facilities with the state of art technology, which was so far available only to metro and urban population now within the reach of rural masses and thus providing an much needed fillip for Financial Inclusion.

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