04 February 2011


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No.2/2(1)/2010 -Estt. /CERC                                                           Dated     4th February, 2011

                                                  VACANCY           CIRCULAR

           Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), a statutory body constituted under an
Act   of   Parliament,   invites   applications   for   filling   up   a   few   existing/anticipated   vacancies   on
deputation        on   foreign     Service      terms     /   short-term        contract      from     the   employees        of
Central/State        Governments,        Public    Sector    Undertakings,       Autonomous          Bodies,    Universities,
Recognized        Research     Institutions     etc.  The   details    of   the   posts    like  scale   of   pay,   required
qualifications /qualifying service and experience etc. are                 given    in Annexure-I

2.         The   general terms & conditions are as under:-

         i)            Apart   from   basic   pay   and   grade   pay,   the   posts   carry   dearness   allowance,
                      House   Rent   Allowance,   Transport   Allowance   etc,   at   the   rates   applicable   to
                      Central Govt. employees from time to time.
         ii)           Fixation     of    pay/deputation         (duty)     allowance       shall    be   governed        by
                      instructions issued by Deptt.          of Personnel & Training from time to time.
         iii)          Unless   extended   further,   the   facility  of   allotment   /retention   of   Government
                      Accommodation            is  permitted     up    to  11-10-2011.     However,       as   per   CERC
                      (Leased Accommodation) Regulations, 2007, Leased accommodation for lease
                      rental up to 60% of Basic pay and Grade pay can be permissible.
         iv)           The above mentioned posts are exempt from the principle of immediate
         v )           Medical       re-imbursement         through       Authorized        Medical      Attendants        is
                      admissible as per the CERC (Indoor/Outdoor Medical facilities) Regulations,
                      2005. This is in lieu of the CGHS benefits which are not admissible to CERC
         vi)           The normal period of deputation is five years.
         vii)          Person     appointed      to  CERC     shall  be    governed      by   the  general     terms    and
                      conditions laid down in CERC (Recruitment, Control and Service Conditions
                      of staff) Regulations, 2007.
         viii)         Relaxation   in   essential   qualifications   /   experience   can   be   considered   by   the
                      Competent Authority in deserving cases.
         ix)           The    number      of   posts,   as   notified    herein,    may     vary   depending       on    the
                      availability of vacancies at the time of selection.
         x)            Copy   of   all   the   regulations   mentioned   above   are   available   in   the   CERC’s
         xi)           Only short listed candidates shall be called for an interaction.


From pre-page…….

3.         Applications       in the prescribed format as             given in Annexure-II, duly completed and signed,
may be forwarded to the Assistant Secretary(P&A), Central Electricity Regulatory Commission ,                                        3rd &
4th Floor, Chanderlok Building, 36, Janpath, New Delhi - 110001 by 07th March, 2011. The applications
must be routed through proper channel and the applications which are not in prescribed format shall
not be acceptable.         The sponsoring authorities are requested to forward the applications of eligible &
interested candidates whose services can be spared in the event of their selection. While forwarding
applications, attested copies of latest five years Annual Confidential Reports and vigilance clearance
certificate of the candidates concerned may be enclosed.

                                                                                                                       (Ramanuj      Dey)
                                                                                                       Assistant      Secretary (P&A)

Encl: - Annexure I & II

          1.   All Ministries /Department of the Govt. of India
               (as per standard distribution list)
          2.   All    the    State   Governments/State            Electricity     Regulatory       Commissions/          State    Utilities
               /PSUs/Autonomous Bodies/ Universities /Recognized Research


Category        Name of          Pay Band & Grade             No. of      Qualifications, Experience etc
No.             the Post                   Pay                Post
1.             Deputy           Rs.12000-375-18000               02        Degree       in    Law       preferably       with
              Chief             (pre-revised)                             specialization in regulation.
                                 Revised       to    PB-3
              (Legal)           Rs.15600-39100                            Qualifying Service-
                                                                          Officers under the Central Government               :
                                Grade          Pay       of               -
                                Rs.7600/-               per               i)   Holding analogous posts
                                month                                          on   regular   basis; or
                                                                          ii)  With 3 years regular         service
                                                                               in the scale of   Rs.10000-15200
                                                                               (pre- revised)    or equivalent; or
                                                                          iii ) With 7 years regular service in
                                                                              the   scale of   Rs.8000-13500
                                                                              (Pre- revised) or equivalent.
                                                                          Nature of Experience :
                                                                         Judicial/Quasi-Judicial           legal     matters
                                                                          including          proceedings,          petitions,
                                                                          pleadings, listing of the case laws etc
2.             Bench            Rs.10000-15200                   01        Degree       in    Law       preferably       with
              Officer           (pre-revised)     Revised                 specialization in regulation.
                                                                          Qualifying Service
                                                                          Officers under the Central Government.
                                plus                                      i)   Holding analogous posts
                                Grade      Pay     of   Rs.                    on   regular   basis; or
                                6600/- per month                          ii)  With 4 years regular         service
                                                                               in the scale of   Rs.8000-13500
                                                                               (pre- revised)    or equivalent;
                                                                          iii ) With 5 years    combined
                                                                               regular service in the scale of
                                                                               Rs.7500-12000 and 7450-
                                                                              11500 (pre-revised)
                                                                               or equivalent” or
                                                                         iv)  with 6 years regular service in
                                                                               the scale of Rs.6500-
                                                                               10500 (Pre-revised) or

                                                                          Nature of Experience:
                                                                         Judicial/Quasi-Judicial          legal    matters
                                                                         including          proceedings,         petitions,
                                                                         pleadings, listing of the case laws etc

             Assistant           Rs.10000-15200               01        Degree   in   Science   with   Post   Graduate
             Chief  (MIS)        (pre-revised)                         Diploma in Computer Application.
                                 Revised to                            Qualifying Service
                                  PB-3                                 Officers under the Central Government.
                                 Rs.15600-39100                        i)   Holding analogous posts
                                 plus                                        on  regular  basis; or
                                 Grade     Pay    of  Rs.              ii)  With 4 years regular        service
                                 6600/- per month                            in the scale of  Rs.8000-13500

                                                                             (pre- revised)  or equivalent;
                                                                       iii ) With 5 years  combined
                                                                             regular service in the scale of
                                                                             Rs.7500 -12000 and 7450-
                                                                            11500 (pre-revised)
                                                                             or equivalent  or
                                                                      iv)  with 6 years regular service in
                                                                            the scale of Rs.6500 -10500
                                                                           (Pre-revised) or Equivalent.

                                                                       Nature of Experience:
                                                                       Management   of   Computer,   Information
                                                                       Technology and MIS facilities.

                                                                                                                  Annexure II

                                              BIO - DATA          PRO FORMA


1.         a)     Name

          b)      Present Designation

          c)      Office Address

          d)      Residential address

          e)     Tele Ph. No:

          f)      Mobile No:

2          Date of Birth (in Christian era)

3          Date    of   retirement      under     Central/State        Government
4          Educational qualifications

5          Whether Educational and other qualifications required for the post are satisfied  (If
          any   qualification   been   treated   as   equivalent   to   the   one   prescribed   in   the   rules,   state   the
          authority for the same)
         Qualifications/Experience required                                  Qualifications/Experience              possessed
                                                                            by the officer
Essential                    1.

Desired                       1.
6          Please   state   clearly   whether   in   the   light   of
          entries   made   by       you   above,   you   meet   the
          requirements of the post
7          Details     of   employment,         in   chronological        order.      (Enclose      a  separate    sheet,   duly
          authenticated by your signature, if the space below is insufficient)

Office/Instt./Orgn.           Post    From              To          Scale    of   pay   Nature of duties
                             held                                  and          basic
                                                                   pay(Pay         in
                                                                   Pay          Band
                                                                   with       Grade

                                                                                        (Use    separate    sheet   if

8         Nature of present employment, i.e. ad hoc
         or temporary or permanent
9         In case the present employment is held on
         deputation/contract basis, please state
             (a) The date of initial appointment
             (b) Period         of      appointment           on
             (c) Name             of         the         parent
                  office/organization           which        you
10        Additional         details       about        present
         employment :-
         Please state whether working under
             (a) Central Government
             (b) State Government
             (c) Autonomous organizations
             (d) Government undertakings
             (e) Universities
11        Are   you    in  Revised    scale   of  pay?   If  yes,
         give the date from which the revision took
         place     and    also   indicate    the   pre-revised
12        Total emoluments per month now drawn
             a)   Basic Pay
             b)   Grade Pay
             c)   DA @       %
             d)   HRA
             e)   TA
             f)   Any other allowances

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