01 February 2011

Atkins Diet

Indians adopt various diet plans to protect themselves from the problem of obesity. The Atkins Diet, as an effective anti-obesity measure, is steadily becoming popular in India. In the earlier days, not too many people in India were in favor of adopting the Atkins Diet to counter the problem of obesity. But in recent times, many of the famous models and actors in the country are believed to have gained several benefits by following the Atkins Diet.

The Origin of the Atkins Diet

The credit for creating the Atkins Diet Plan goes to Dr. Robert Atkins. During the 1960s, he invented the diet plan on the basis of a write-up, that had made its appearance in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Later, Dr. Robert Atkins published several books which enlightened the readers about the benefits of his diet plan. In India, the Atkins Diet plan was introduced much later.

What is the diet plan all about?

The Atkins Diet plan has the following salient features:
  • Reduction in intake of refined carbohydrates.
  • Reduction in intake of trans food items.
  • Use of nutritional supplements and exercises
Common sources containing refined carbohydrates:
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Corn Syrups
Common sources containing trans fats:
  • Hydrogenated Oils

Opposing viewpoints about Atkins Diet in India

There are many nutritionists in India who have doubts about the efficacy of the Atkins Diet plan. The critics claim that the low-on-fibre diet is unbalanced and leads to consumption of low amounts of water-soluble vitamins and calcium. They advise that those who have opted for the Atkins Diet should not go overboard when they follow the diet plan.
However, several eminent personalities in India claim to have benefited by following the Atkins Diet plan. Eventually, it depends on an individual's body to determine how effective the Atkins Diet plan could be.

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