01 February 2011

Nutrition for Children

The terms 'Nutrition' and 'child health' are very much associated with each other. The more nutritious food you give your child, the more he becomes healthy. As far as nutrition for children is concerned, the nutritional needs of a kid varies from that of a man because he child undergoes the stages of growth. Thus, there is a necessity to promote healthy nutrition for children.

Malnutrition in India

Survey report says that the Indian children suffer from malnutrition. In spite of remarkable economic rise, India is unable to cope up with the growing problem of malnutrition. According to a recent survey, about 46 % of Indian children under 3 years are the victim of malnutrition. Experts say that child malnutrition has no only added to India's disease burden but also led to excessive child death and economic hazard.

Child Malnutrition: Solution

Renuka Chowdhury, the Minister of State for Women and Child Development says that the problem of child nutrition can be challenged only by means of holistic intercessions in the fields of food security, poverty alleviation, health, nutrition and family welfare.

Healthy Nutrition for Indian Child

Some of the important Guidelines for Child Nutrition in India are enumerated below:
  • The diet chart of children must contain fresh vegetables and fruits. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and green vegetables are good for skin.
  • Ensure that your child eats lots adequate cereals especially wholegrain.
  • Add milk and dairy products in your child's diet. Generally skimmed-milk is recommended for children.
  • Avoid giving giving junk food to your child.
  • Boiled and baked items are usually recommended for children.
  • Avoid fat and sugary products in your child's diet.
  • Give items rich in Calcium.
  • Protein contents should also be included in Children's diet. Fish, egg and lean meat are rich in protein.

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