01 February 2011

Nutrition for Older Adults

Each and every person of the present generation is nutrition conscious. They always prefer healthy food rich in nutrients. Not only the children, the older adults should also be made nutrition conscious. They often suffer from shortsightedness and peripheral vision. Decline in hearing in also a common symptoms among the aged. Only proper nutrition can help the older adults to avoid such old age problems. You can consult the doctor or browse through the Internet pages for getting an idea of nutrition for older adults in India.

Why Calcium intake is important for older people?

As we grow old, our bones and teeth tend to become weak and thinner. Intake of adequate calcium is necessary for strengthening the bones. Calcium not only strengthens the bones bot also helps he old people to avoid diseases like Osteoporosis. The older people should eat calcium-fortified items like broccoli, yogurt, milk, dried beans, cheese, tofu. They can also take fishes like salmon, rich in calcium.

Why Plant-Based Diet is necessary for older people?

Recent recherches emphasize that vegetables, nuts and whole grains have the capacity to protect the body cells from free radicals. They also protect the cells from the adverse effects of smoke, pollution and dietary factors. Plant-based diet also provides the body with required vitamin. Other than that, the plant-foods are rich in phytochemicals which reduces he risk of developing cancer.

Why protein intake is necessary for older people?

The older people should eats good amount of items protein-based food because protein aids in preventing muscle loss.

Important Nutritional tips for Aged Indians

  • The older adults often advised to have fibrous vegetables and fruits. Fibrous fruits are full of roughage, and consumption of roughage prevents constipation and indigestion.
  • The old people must also drink a lots and lots of water and other healthy fluids. Intake of water is important for proper digestion. Other than this water also aids in preventing constipation.
  • Caffeinated beverages like tea, soda and coffee should be taken in limited amounts.
  • The aged people should have more an more milk and fruit juices.

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