01 February 2011

Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit, a subtropical citrus fruit, is believed to have fat-burning enzymes. It was in 1930 that the concept of the Grapefruit Diet came into use. In recent years, many of the diet conscious people in India have opted for the Grapefruit Diet in order to lose weight.
Also known as the Hollywood Diet, it is an 18 day diet program which promises to help you lose weight in a few months time. Nutritionists in India are of the opinion that the low glycemic index of grapefruit does wonders to the process of burning fat.

The Grapefruit Diet Plan

  • It is recommended to have a grapefruit and a cup of black coffee for breakfast
  • For lunch you should have a grapefruit, an egg, cucumber, a slice of bread and tea or coffee.
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  • Dinner will comprise 2 eggs, a tomato, grapefruit and tea or coffee.
  • If you feel hungry during supper you can have a glass of tomato juice or a cup of skimmed milk.

What are the rules to be followed when you are on Grapefruit Diet?

  • Drink eight glasses of water on a daily basis.
  • A full meal is absolutely essential.
  • Skipping any of the ingredients from the plan will not be correct.
  • Neither increase nor decrease the quantity of grapefruit intake. Be consistent with the quantity.
  • It is highly recommended to limit your coffee intake to 1 cup during meals.
  • Eating between meals will not help the cause.
  • Using butter on vegetables and intake of fried food items is not objectionable, but eating desserts, bread, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes are a strict no-no.
  • Continue this diet religiously for 12 days, then break the routine for 2 days and resume it.
The Grapefruit Diet Plan could prove to be an effective method to lose unwanted weight.

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