01 February 2011

Junk Food and Health

Obesity, Junk Food and health problems
Junk food refers to the food that food that tastes good but is high in calories having little nutritional value. So, you can understand the ill effects of this junk food. Across the world, different types of diseases and health problems are occurred due to regular intake of junk food. In every developing and developed countries, people are suffering problems with junk food and all the severe health problems.
According to medical research, it is proved that, junk food is not at all good for human health but, if an individual can not eliminate junk food from his/her life, then it is better to consume it minimally to avoid all the health problems caused by junk food. Let's have a look to the relationship between junk food and health.
Harmful effects of junk food:
Here you can see some harmful effects of junk food that can help you change your food habit-
  • Lack of energy - It is the most common effect noticed by excessive intake of junk food. Usually, junk food does not have any kind of essential nutrients. That is why, after having junk food, the human body does not get proper nutrients and suffers from the deficiency of energy. Consuming poor nutrients could be as an addition.
  • Heart Diseases-A regular intake of junk food can lead to several heart diseases including Myocardial infarction which is a severe heart problem. Cardiologists refer to avoid junk food as these are the major causes of severe heart diseases.
  • High CholesterolBesides the formation of plaques and cholesterol deposition in the inner wall of arteries, cholesterol can also impacts on human liver where it is metabolized. Junk food consists of high cholesterol and a regular intake of junk food leads to severe liver damages
  • Poor ConcentrationIt is one of the major ill effects occurred by the regular intake of junk food. This junk food makes an individual feel drowsy and it leads to poor concentration. Over constant periods of having junk food, blood circulation drops due to heavy fat deposition in the inner walls of arteries.
  • Moreover, deficiency of vital nutrients, oxygen, and proteins can decay human grey (brain) cells for the time being. This is also a major problem occurs by the intake of junk food.
So, now you can understand that junk food and health problems are closely related and in order to avoid them, you should avoid junk food

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