01 February 2011

Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet is a lifestyle regimen which puts stress on the right selection of food and regular physical exercise to remain healthy for ever. The unique health and food routine is developed by Dr. Ian K. Smith and it has become an instant hit with a lot of people world wide including a large number of celebrities from Hollywood.
The unique dieting regimen has inspired a large number of people in India, as well. The diet conscious Indians are finding useful information from Fat Smash Diet books written by Dr. Ian Smith.

The Fat Smash Diet: A Dieters' Delight

Dr. Smith has also written a book titled �The Fat Smash Diet' in which he has elaborately described relationship of food and physical activity and their impact on the life of a human being. According to Dr. Smith, dieting in the prevalent form is very complicated and painful whereas it should be simple and easy to follow. Fat Smash Diet is very simple and it tells people how to go for right choice of food which can bring about effective weight loss.

Relief from Traditional Dieting Regimen

Fat Smash Diet is like a breath of fresh air for people who are on strict dieting program to gain weight-loss. The complex and strict dieting regimen sometimes lead them to hunger and starvation, leaving them skinny. Fat Smash Diet completely negates the prevalent method of losing fat and weight. Fat Smash Diet is all about smashing bad habits of the past and developing new habits for leading a better, happier life and longer life.
Fat Smash Diet regimen lets you get rid of the extra fat which may cause several medical complications like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The specifically designed 90 day program aims at giving you the fresh lease of life with a broad understanding about the relationship between food and physical exercise.

Phases of Fat Smash Diet Regimen

At the end of the regimen, you will feel yourself rejuvenated and energized. The 90 day long Smash Fat Diet program consists of 4 phases. During each phase, 4 to 5 small servings of meal are given. The meal consists of steamed, baked, grilled or raw food. The 4 phases of Smash Fat Diet are as follows:
  • Detox
  • Foundation
  • Construction
  • Temple


This phase aims at cleansing the body and the mind. The phase encourages people to get rid of the bad habits of the past and develop healthy habits. The 9 day program includes 30 minute-exercise 5 days a week and consumption of vegetarian food with supplement of dairy products and egg whites.


It's a 3 week program with more food consumption and 35-minute exercise schedule 5 days a week. Main food consumption during the phase includes lean meat, sea food and cereals.


Construction is a 4 week long phase. It is rather flexible than the first 2 phases. Main food given during the phase includes pasta, breads and deserts. Scoop low fat ice cream, cookies and graham crackers are the main deserts given during the course of the phase.


The 4th and last phase of Fat Smash Diet aims at educating the lifetime plan. The dieters are given a wide choice of food including alcohol during this phase.

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