01 February 2011

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition - an Introduction

Diet and Nutrition are complementary to each other. For proper nutrition of body, a healthy and balanced diet is what that is required the most. According to nutrition, the diet is simply described as the food that a person or other organism consumes. Different cultures or individuals have different food habits. Whatever many be your food habit, an individual must have proper diet and nutrition. A proper nutritious diet should include right mixtures of all the elements including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition have a great impact on the lives of human beings. These play a pivotal role in the health and mortality of the people. For proper functioning of your body, you need to supply required amount of necessary ingredients to your body. And your body can only get the required ingredients if you include all of those in your diet.
Diet and Nutrition may also leave impact on the culture of the people. In India, the people of different regions or states have different diet and nutrition practices. Where the South Indian diets would consist of sour items, you will find the domination of spicy items in the North Indian dishes. Whatever may be your items, for better health, one must pay proper attention to the diet and nutrition.

Different Purpose, Different Diet

There may be several types of diet and nutrition. Different people has different food habits, some of them prefer vegetarian food, and the others prefers non-vegetarian. In India, the vegetarian diet would include various green vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, milk and other milk products etc. The non-vegetarian diet would include fish, egg, meat etc. Diet may also depend upon the body weight, and the general health of the individual.
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